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Bored of Burgers? 5 Ways To Enjoy Halal Beef in Singapore

Think Beyond A Burger - Singapore's Best Halal Restaurants for Beef Dishes

When you're hungry for beef it's simple to go for the easy option and order a burger. But when there's such a vast variety of halal restaurants in Singapore offering up a variety of beef dishes outside of burgers, why not try something new for dinner tonight? Singapore's restaurants and eateries have some great halal choices – check out five of the best right here!

1. Japanese Curry Beef Rice

When you order a Japanese curry, don't expect anything like an Indian curry. The best way to describe it is that it's more like a stew… but with curry flavourings. The great thing about this dish from Eighteen Chefs is the way that the pieces of tender beef cooked in the sauce will melt in your mouth as you bite into them. And the rice that makes part of the dish is a useful vehicle for soaking up the extra sauce. This is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, but there's also the option of customising the Eighteen Chefs' menu to "Be Your Own Chef" and create your own dish – go through four steps for a meal personalised to your tastes.

2. Beef Pastrami Sandwich

Ok, a beef sandwich may sound like it's not too far removed from a beef burger, but you have to try the Beef Pastrami Sandwich at Kraftwich by Swissbake to appreciate how different it is! For a start, it's served on Kraftkorn and maize bread and, alongside the beef pastrami slices, there is cream cheese and mixed veggies plus Swiss Emmental cheese. This sandwich will make your non-burger choice seem even better when you know it's listed as one of the healthier Kraftwich choices on the menu.

3. Beef Hor Fun Noodles

This wet noodle dish is a favourite at Pappa Rich. It's made with flat rice noodles served in a flavour-rich sauce, with chunks of tender beef and fresh veggies in there as well. Fab for a warming lunchtime snack or for dinner on the sofa, this is a dish we recommend you try next time you're in the mood for beef without a bun wrapped around it!

4. Meat Munchers Pizza

For anyone who loves a pizza that's loaded with an excess of toppings, then the Meat Munchers Pizza from Pezzo is the one to order. As well as the usual tomato base and mozzarella melted over the top, there's a smorgasbord of ground beef, turkey ham, Italian sausage, turkey bacon and pepperoni on this superb pizza. How many slices will you be able to manage? It's probably best to make sure you have someone else around to share it with.

5. Beef Ball Soup

Enjoy the exciting tastes and flavours of Indonesian street food with this soup from Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut, made with fresh beef meat. The beef meatballs are served in a tasty broth that also includes rice noodles and vegetables such as scallions, Chinese celery and a little sambal to give it that extra spice! Once this has been delivered to your door, you'll wonder why you ever settled for a burger in your halal beef choice.

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