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5 Of Singapore’s Most Innovative Indian Vegetarian Starters

Tingle Your Tastebuds With The Finest Indian Veggie Starters In Singapore

For anyone who's after some tasty vegetarian food, Indian cuisine can provide lots of amazing dishes. It's a cuisine that embraces the concept of being vegetarian, rather than trying to cram a few veggie options into a carnivore-oriented menu. We're fortunate to have a wide range of vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, all of which offer a choice of veggie starters – from the traditional to the innovative. Whatever main you're ordering an Indian starter can perfect the meal, kicking it off with a bang. Take a look at our top five picks and see which one you think is the most tempting to try.

1. Paneer Chilli

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At INDLINE - The Indian Cookery, the chefs pride themselves on cooking dishes we all know and love as well as making some classic dishes their own. That's what they've done with the Paneer Chilli. Here, instead of just deep frying cottage cheese cubes, they've first mixed the cottage cheese with cauliflower pieces before tossing the deep-fried cubes with capsicum and onions for a delicious and dynamic veggie starter. These guys absolutely know how vibrant vegetarian food can be.

2. Masala Papad

So many Indian restaurants feature deep-fried starters and, while this is a really tasty way of serving food, it's nice to shake things up once in a while and order something different to begin the meal. That's why our top pick from Riverwalk Tandoor's starter menu is the Masala Papad. Indian lentil wafers are served with a spicy salad on the top, making a light and refreshing entree.

3. Channa Chatpata

For a starter that's got a cosy feel to it but is still packed with flavour, try the Channa Chatpata at Pepper Castle. It's made with a combi of tomatoes, chickpeas and onions, served in a mildly spiced sauce. A great choice for when you're not in the mood for finger food and want something that has a little substance to it.

4. Mirchi Aloo Rasuley

These deep-fried cakes of tastiness are the Indian version of the Great British potato cake. Mashed potato and cheese are combined and rolled in breadcrumbs, then deep fried to give them a crispy outer shell. In the same way as the Channa Chatpata mentioned above, this dish from the British Indian Curry Hut is a great Indian starter to choose when you're looking for something that has a comfort-food quality to it!

5. Veg Kathi Roll

Indian flatbreads are a great appetiser to start a meal and we highly recommend the Veg Kathi Roll at Nalan Restaurant. Different veggies are cooked and then wrapped in a freshly made Rumali roti – a thin flatbread that's eaten across India and the Punjab. But even if this isn't your jam, this is just one of many great starters available at this purely vegetarian restaurant.

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