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  2. Healthy Food Delivery in Singapore: 5 of Our Favourites
Healthy Food Delivery in Singapore: 5 of Our Favourites

Healthy Food Delivery in Singapore: 5 of Our Favourites

We all know that eating healthy food makes us feel awesome, but what do you do when there's no time for meal prepping? Never fear, Singapore's filled with health-conscious eateries that deliver. We're not talking run-of-the-mill salads here either; you'll find colourful, tasty dishes that will put a spring in your step.

Kitchen by Food Rebel

Clean eating gets a dirty twist at Kitchen by Food Rebel. Make like James Dean and order dishes like the Rebel chicken burger. It may taste sinfully delicious, but is handmade with hormone-free meat and an order of vitamin-rich sweet potato fries on the side. You'll find the usual health food staples on the menu as well, from acai bowls to zoodles, all prettily presented. Lattes are designed to rev you up with an array of health-boosting add-ons. Try the red velvet latte, made with detoxifying beetroot and cinnamon, or a caffeine-free chicory & dandelion 'dandy espresso'.

Ninja Cut

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Ninjas are known for their blade-throwing skills and fashion sense, but you can't deny that they also have hot bods. Eat protein-rich food to unleash your inner warrior at Ninja Cut. You'll be a lean, mean sword-fighting machine in no time when you fuel up with bowls like 'what's your beef', featuring succulent roast beef rib-eye, honey-glazed carrots and an Onsen egg. These bowls are fresh and Insta-ready, particularly the #CrispyGoals which handily offers its own hashtag to get you started. It comes loaded up with crackling pork belly, pickled purple slaw, miso cucumbers, an Onsen egg and sautéed mushrooms. With dishes like this, you'll be ready to face whatever the day throws at you.

The Living Café

If you're ready to get down with the raw food trend, The Living Café makes it easy for you. Raw entrees like sprouted veggie burgers and zucchini pesto pasta are vibrant and filled with good-for-you ingredients. For those who like it hot, there are plenty of cooked options as well. The café dishes up tempting spreads to suit all dietary requirements, whether you're vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. Live the dream and dine on pizza without any guilt – here it's homemade with toppings like salmon and spinach on a wholemeal crust.

Haakon Superfoods

There's no better way to pack in a full day's worth of nutrients than with a superfood smoothie. Haakon Superfoods takes the concept very seriously, with genius-level blends that will give you a burst of energy. Your body will thank you when you sip on concoctions like the 'lean green'. With spinach, celery, soy, apple, kiwi and matcha powder, it's infused with ingredients to make you go mmm. Along with the smoothies and cold-pressed juices, Haakon's menu features a Scandinavian take on healthy favourites. Eggs Benedict comes with Norwegian smoked salmon, and waffles are made with Nordic buttermilk.

Lean Bento

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Japanese bento sets are a favourite with the Singapore lunchtime crowd. At Lean Bento, you'll find delicious, low-calorie meal sets with the perfect ratio of protein to carbohydrates. Many of these clock in at 500 calories or less, like the chicken breast sausage bento. With a baked sausage patty, sweet potato mash, mozzarella, scrambled eggs, truffle edamame and plenty of fresh greens, the last thing you'll feel is deprived. Vegetarian options include herb-crusted or honey tempeh boxes, while the salmon bento gives off-the-charts flavour along with your omega-3s.

When you're ready to treat your body to fresh, healthy cuisine, Singapore's restaurants are ready to step up to the plate. Order your virtuous feast from Deliveroo and we'll do the rest.  

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