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Scrumptious Fusion Foods From All Over The World

The West Meets East With These Fantastic Fusion Foods

Among the greatest pleasures of the 21st century is experiencing the ultimate intermingling of cuisines. Become a real foodie today and sink your teeth in some of Deliveroo's finest fusion food right here in Singapore. Just around the corner, you can go from a Japanese cuisine adventure to a Western experience from just one restaurant.

If you've never tried Japanese ramen sandwiches or poutine pizzas, you're seriously missing out! Just when you think you've had it all, Deliveroo will bring Singapore's most creative culinary creations right to your door.

1. Need a little karage in your life? Try these Camembert Bites

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Not only does En Sakaba take you on a journey with its fine Japanese dishes, it teases you with a hint of Western nostalgia through their delicious Camembert Bites. This authentic French cheese is double fried karage-style and spiced with Japanese herbs to show you the exact extent of En Sakaba's culinary expertise. Nothing but quality is guaranteed among this hotspot's curated selection of fusion snacks.

2. Dip into excitement with this Asian Curry and Dough Balls Dish

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The moment you dip Elemen's soft, freshly-baked cheese dough balls into their deliciously fragrant mild curry sauce, you'll know that this pair is a match made in heaven. This dish is improvised with authentic Nyonya recipes and features fresh coconut milk, romanesco broccoli and monkey-head mushroom. The cheesy dough balls will show just how much a scrumptious Western addition can tame such a powerfully spiced Asian-style curry sauce. This place will absolutely dazzle you with their crazy fusion snack selection.

3. When you thought it couldn't get any better, they bring you Seafood Mac and Cheese

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory offers you the ultimate Asian seafood twist to this good ol' Western classic we've all indulged in. Their Mac and Cheese is smothered in soft, creamy cheddar cheese sauce and embellished with authentic Korean spices. This here is a Western-Eastern culinary adventure your tummy will beg you for every day! But you can't just stop there, you have to move onto Chir Chir's plethora of variously prepared fusion chicken dishes. From Cheese Fire Chicken Feet to their special Chir Cheese Fries, this unique menu will keep you coming back for more.

4. Tom Yum Pasta Vongole for the win

The Garden Slug is one little treasure that offers all the best of Western cuisine with some scrumptious hidden fusion gems tucked in its menu. Seafood fans will fall in love with their Tom Yum Pasta Vongole. This dish is topped with steamed clams, smothered in a wine-y brine broth and sprinkled with a perfect blend of cili padi, ginger, lime leaves and lemongrass. Bring it up a notch with this perfect blend of Italian and Asian cuisines.

5. Seoul Wings will warm your soul

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Olivia and Co is one truly special Western cuisine hotspot, but on its glorious menu,  you'll find some authentic Western dishes with a subtle but effective Asian kick. Among those are their Korean-style Seoul Chicken Wings. Wings are definitely one of the West's favourites snacks, but you haven't tried a nice Eastern version until you've tried these wings flavoured with Olivia and Co's fresh and perfectly spicy homemade kimchi. If you're feeling brave tonight, you could also move on to one of their fusion entrees, like their Spring Chicken, decorated with some fresh sesame greens and served with some zingy wasabi parmesan mashed potatoes.

Order in tonight and Deliveroo will bring you a fun night of tasty Eastern-Western fusion bites!

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