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Best Thai Food in Singapore: 5 Dishes We Love

Best Thai Food in Singapore: 5 Dishes We Love

Singapore's latest food trend? Thai food, no question about it. From aromatic pad thai noodles and iconic green curry  to the best sea bass this side of Bangkok, there's an enormous variety to choose from. We've rounded up five of Singapore's most unmissable Thai dishes, and if you're nearby, you can get them delivered right to your front door with Deliveroo.

Massaman chicken curry with crispy pancakes from Thai Express

Massaman curry is a bit of an outsider in Thai cuisine. It's thought that both spices used in it – as well as its recipe – were brought to Thailand by Islamic visitors. If that's true, it's an amazing representation of how two culinary traditions can come together to create something truly amazing. Thai Express makes sure their marinated chicken is cooked slowly to seal in the flavours and keep it moist. The curry sauce has enough spice to give it plenty of bite, but it's not overpoweringly hot. Its complex spice palate makes it fragrant and fruity while the coconut milk adds a depth of rich flavour. For an extra special finish, try a crispy roti. These little flatbreads are perfect for chasing the last of that amazing sauce out of the corners of your bowl.

Butterfly BBQ chicken from Siam Kitchen

Everyone loves to barbeque, it's a fact. Cooking outdoors in the sun with friends is one of life's great pleasures. But cooking a whole chicken over coals without undercooking it or drying it out is quite the challenge. Luckily Siam Kitchen is up to that challenge. They spatchcock their chicken – removing the breastbone and spreading it out so that heat from the coals cooks it evenly. During the cooking, it's slathered in sticky barbeque sauce to give it that delicious smoky, tangy flavour and then it's served up with a dish of Thai sweet chilli sauce. Perfect for dipping.

Steamed sea bass with spicy lemon sauce from Sukhothai Kitchen

Seabass is famous for its delicate flavour and texture, and Sukhothai Kitchen knows just how to cook it to preserve that delicacy which we all know and love. The fish is gently steamed until it starts to flake away from the bone and then served up in a spicy lemon sauce. Far from overwhelming the taste of the fish, the lemon sauce with its bite of chilli perfectly complements succulent seafood. It goes perfectly with the fried pineapple rice with prawns. Delicious.

Thai beef noodles from Esarn Thai Corner

Beef noodle soup is a staple of Thai cuisine and Esarn Thai Corner serves up one of the best in Singapore. It's a deceptively simple dish – just beef in a salty broth with mushroom and coriander. The secret to its immense taste is the quality of the ingredients and, of course, the rich stock that makes the base. They use the best beef cuts and the broth is triple cooked to ensure a full depth of flavour. The mushrooms add a savoury note while the coriander delivers the delicate aromatic flavour that really brings the entire dish together. With flavours like that, it's easy to see why beef noodles are considered Thai soul-food.

Thai style chicken wings from Bangkok Jam

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Chicken wings aren't something most people associate with Thai food. But Bangkok Jam likes to give their own take on traditional Thai recipes. The wings are great – a perfect mixture of tender chicken and deep-fried crunch – but they've been given a deliciously Thai twist with a brushing of fish sauce. Served up with cashews, lime and sweet chilli sauce, these wings are an amazing twist on an American classic. Hot, sour, spicy and with a hit of citrus, it's Thai food at its best.

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