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Japanese Restaurants in Singapore: 5 of the best

Japanese Restaurants in Singapore: 5 of the Best

Craving kakuni? On the hunt for oden? Never fear, because Singapore's got the lowdown on some of the best Japanese restaurants in city (and the world). There's so much choice, so you really don't have to stick with the same old sushi you've always eaten. Here are five of our favourite Japanese restaurants in Singapore, perfect for anyone longing for the tastes of the Land of the Rising Sun:


Sushi Tei

The trick to good sushi is to use the freshest ingredients possible. Making all their dishes to order, Sushi Tei make sure theirs is the freshest sushi around. We recommend starting with the salmon roe roll. The roe is salty and delicately flavoured and works perfectly with the fluffy sushi rice and crisp nori wrap. If you're struggling to choose from their tempting selection of sashimi, then go for the yufu platter. It's got all your seafood needs covered with salmon, swordfish, tuna and octopus.

Tanuki Raw

Tanuki Raw are all about Japanese fusion cuisine. They take different culinary traditions and combine them to get the very best flavours. Why raw? That comes from their love of oysters. Japanese oysters are imported specially and served up raw, accompanied only by a slice of lemon so nothing gets in the way of that authentic fresh oyster taste. It's hard to top that, we admit, but the golden kani maki is a real standout. A rolled maki with deep-fried, house-seasoned soft shell crab, fresh snow crab, cucumber and crispy mozzarella, it's topped with toasted seaweed and a generous dose of golden salted duck egg hollandaise. The richness of the hollandaise is cut through by the freshness of the crab and complemented by the salty cheese. Perfection.

Nara Japanese Restaurant

Nara Japanese Restaurant is all about traditional Japanese food. The chaoko shake kawa salada is a great starter. The fresh, crisp green salad gets an added kick from the salty anchovies and the crunch of the fried salmon skin. The dragon maki are a great choice for a main – deep-fried king prawn rolled with sushi rice and topped with salmon and avocado. Looking for a vegetarian option? The kinoko butter yaki (deep-fried mushrooms) are a stupendously tasty option. Delightfully crunchy on the outside with a juicy mushroom centre, we'd eat a whole bucketful. Or more.

Sun with Moon Cafe

If you're hungry for Japanese food now and you can't wait till lunchtime the Sun With Moon Cafe is the place for you. They specialise in the Japanese tradition of bento - lunch boxes full of tasty treats offering maximum flavour. Their signature is the Sun Kamameshi. This lunchtime legend is bursting with grilled salmon, scallop and eel and is served with three miniature side dishes. Since the accompaniments are seasonal they vary considerably throughout the year, meaning that you might never get the same dish twice. The saba shioyaki is a traditional Japanese lunch. The whole grilled mackerel is cooked to perfection and then sprinkled with sea-salt for a crunchy finish. It comes with sushi rice and white miso soup. The perfect blend of traditional Japanese flavours.

Itacho Sushi

Itacho Sushi combine handmade sushi with stunning flavour. The boiled scallop in a white wine and butter sauce enhances the subtle flavour of the scallop and complements it with the sweetness of the wine and rich butter. All on a bed of fluffy rice. Sensational. The chicken karaage stays crisp and crunchy without keeping any of the grease of the fryer. The speciality of the house is eel rice. The unique texture of the eels works perfectly with the crispy nori strips and the spicy, garlicky sauce.

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