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Ice Cream in Singapore: 5 of the Best

Ice Cream in Singapore: 5 of the Best

Brace yourselves, summer is coming, and we all know what that means – ice cream. Singapore loves its ice cream, and who can blame us with so many delicious options to scoop, lick, devour and not-share-with-anyone? Here are our top 5 places to order from, to get super Singapore ice cream, right to your door.

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's, a name that inspires hope, love and very much drooling. Picture it. Lying at home, the summer heat slowly destroying your sanity, only ice-cold sugar can save you now, but your freezer is empty. And when the struggle for ice cream is this real, nothing less than Chocolate Therapy (that's chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding, a pint of it) can make you well again. There are also shakes, waffles and whole ice cream cakes (4 to choose from), so maybe, just maybe, we can stand the summer heat a little longer.

Ice Cream Chefs

Your ice cream just ain't fancy unless it's been prepared by an ice cream chef. Milo flavoured ice cream, people. What more does a Singaporean want in the summer months if not Milo ice cream - a side scoop of Oreos & Cream? Done. Get ordering and say no more.

Island Creamery

Milo, Nutella, chendol, teh tarik, burnt caramel, durian, kahlua latte – we can keep going – Horlicks, coconut swirl, very berry – salivating yet? Good. So get your order in at Island Creamery and indulge in ice cream, glorious ice cream.

Penang Culture

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Gelato and ice cream maybe hard to contend with, but we reckon ice kachang is a pretty strong challenger, so it's only right that we give it a mention on this list. On a hot summer's day in Singapore, sometimes crushed ice loaded with all sorts of sweet treats is the only thing that will properly hit the spot. So isn't it good of Penang Culture to deliver some ice-cold deliciousness right to your door? Go for the Penang ice kachang topped with red bean, shredded nutmeg, chin chow, jelly, corn, attap chee and peanuts, evaporated milk and syrup. Or crown it with fresh durian for the King of Ice Kachang.


A posh pot of ice cream is what you can be assured of when you turn to Häagen-Dazs, and if you are what you eat then we invite you to eat the whole pot and be truly sophisticated. Dark chocolate and almonds, Macadamia nut, green tea, rum raisin and Baileys are just some of the tasty choices offered for your ice cream indulgent needs. There's also sandwiches, where you can have blocks of ice cream deliciousness flanked with crispy wafer, for a handful of sweet, sweet joy. Or if you're about having far more than a handful of ice cream to deal with, order a whole ice cream cake, go on, you know you want to.

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