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The 5 Best, Freshest Salads In Singapore

Why Every Day Should Be A Salad Day In Singapore

Nothing says sunshine quite like a great big healthy salad packed with fresh flavours and textures and topped with a tangy dressing. It's something that they've known in the Mediterranean countries like Greece for years and there are plenty of opportunities to discover it for yourself in Singapore.

But that's not to say that it's only confined to Europe. There are fantastic salads from all around the world designed to make the most of the very best ingredients exactly at the times when they're in season. They can also be perfect as a light appetiser or a full meal in themselves – as some of the choices we've made here prove. So go on, enjoy your salad days in Singapore. Even if it may be raining outside, they're sure to bring a little sunshine into your life.

1. Greek Salad

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Where better to start of our culinary tour of Singapore's salads than in Gyromania? It's one of the city's many Greek restaurants serving authentic recipes just like you'd enjoy in Athens or the islands. Theirs is a classic Greek salad with tangy feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion lettuce and olives all drizzled in that quintessential flavour of the Mediterranean, olive oil. As much of this salad is raw, you truly reap the nutritional benefits from all the ingredients in this salad ranging from healthy fats to numerous minerals and vitamins.

2. Summer Fling Salad

The Summer Fling Salad from Saladstop! is so good for you that it should be on everyone's list of top tastes to experience in Singapore. It's also one of those salads that will see you through the whole day thanks to the abundance of fibrous ingredients that include kale, romaine lettuce, grilled tofu, sweet corn, mango, pomelo, sesame and lime. This will help you to keep fuller for longer as well as being rich in immune boosting vitamin C.

3. Nizzarda

Nizzarda from Ricciotti Riverwalk is their chef's very own Italian spin on the traditional French Nicoise salad. It has everything you'd expect to find in one including mesclun salad, fresh tuna, anchovies, boiled quails eggs, tomatoes and cucumber as well as green beans and boiled new potatoes. There's also a classic sherry dressing which adds a real piquancy too. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, the tuna in particular may help reduce cholesterol whilst the eggs also provide a protein hit. A perfect salad for after any workout.

4. Mixed Berries Salad

It's not often that you find fresh berries in a salad, but this treat from Greendot is all part of their mission to "change the world, one green meal at a time". It's a tantalising mixture of crisp, green frisee and romaine lettuce mixed with strawberries and blueberries, which are high in antioxidants meaning improved heart and brain function, as well as their own special blend of nuts and seeds to add a little extra crunch and protein. So this is one salad that you could say contains your main course and your dessert too.

5. LA Crossfit

One of Urban Mix's signature salads, the LA Crossfit, is a fantastic fusion of Eastern flavours along with West Coast health-conscious eating. There's an extra lean sous-vide chicken breast, soybean sprouts, cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn with boiled egg, hummus and curry couscous. There are also small pickled onions as well as a pesto vinaigrette dressing to complete the symphony of flavours. Packed to the rim with protein, this salad also boasts high fibre levels from the various chickpea elements meaning it will keep you feeling full until dinner!

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