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The 5 Tastiest, Healthiest, Fishiest Sushi Rolls In Singapore  

Healthy, Fishy, Sushi – It’s A Dream Combination!  

Think sushi and chances are that you also think it's one of the healthiest options for a quick but satisfying meal. It's also a perfectly balanced food giving you plenty of protein and carbs to see you through the day  - and the best way to supercharge it is to make sure that it includes some high quality fish.

Luckily there's plenty of choice of sushi restaurants in Singapore that is bound to serve up some of your favourite dishes. But, whatever these are and wherever you may find them, here are five more that are sure to satisfy, whatever time of the day you choose to enjoy a fishy snack.

1. Unagi Roll

Like all the best kinds of food, when it comes to sushi, simple is best. But to make it work you need the very best and freshest ingredients whose flavours can simply sing out. Luckily that's exactly what Watami can offer you with their Unagi Roll. It's a straightforward sushi roll topped with fine slices of lightly grilled eel with shredded spring onion to add an extra dimension of flavour.

2. Salmon Says

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There's more than a hint of luxury to the punningly-titled Salmon Says from Maki-San so you can look forward to a tasty treat that's a cut above the rest. It's an alluring combination of lightly smoked salmon, prawn roe, avocado, shredded carrot and cucumber served with hot wasabi mayo, plain white rice and a nori wrap. Together they make a sophisticated mix of flavours and textures you're sure to love.

3. Ebi Fry Maki

If you want to spice things up a little then you could always enjoy the distinctive taste of Ebi Fry Maki from the extensive menu offered by Sakae Sushi. It consists of crispy prawn fritters served with a classic sushi rice roll and topped with a grilled prawn and a spicy sauce also flavoured with sakura ebi, special Japanese shrimp known for their bright pink colouring.

4. Warrior Maki

Wouldn't you just expect a dish named Warrior Maki from a restaurant called Salmon Samurai? It's certainly also a meal that lives up to its name with multiple ingredients and flavours all battling for your attention. For example, there are crab sticks, salmon sashimi, yuzu-ume brown rice, garlic mayo and chicken floss too, so it really is a taste sensation.

5. Connoisseur Shiromi Sushi Platter

For the sheer variety of fish on one sushi platter, this offering from Senmi Sushi would certainly be hard to beat. First there's flounder and then there's orange sea bream. These are joined by flamed Japanese scallop with codfish roe as well as striped horse mackerel. There are two pieces of each variety in all so it's also the perfect platter for sharing with friends.

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