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Dim Sum in Singapore: Where to Find the Best

Dim sum in Singapore: Where to find the best

Dim sum is the perfect takeaway food. It's bite-sized, there's a massive variety to choose from, you can have it as a snack or a full meal and it's perfect for sharing with friends. The secret to perfect Dim sum is the freshness of the ingredients. So, we've run up a list of the five best places to pick up the freshest Dim sum in Singapore.

Crystal Jade

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What's better than Dim sum? Dim sum from a Michelin-starred restaurant! For the past twenty-five years, Crystal Jade has been serving up their mixture of traditional Chinese recipes with a modern gastronomic twist. The whole Dim sum menu is great, but if we had to pick a favourite it would be the steamed pork rib in black bean sauce. The pork is so tender it basically falls off the bone, and it's complemented amazingly well by the sticky, garlicky sauce. The steamed, salted egg custard bun is made from soft, fluffy bread. Breaking open to reveal a succulent yellow centre, it's the perfect way to kick your meal off. If you're looking for a vegetarian option, go for the deep-fried vegetable and mushroom spring rolls. Who says the vegetarian option has to be bland? Not us, that's for sure.

Canton Paradise

The Paradise group started as a humble twenty-five seater coffee shop on an industrial estate. But founder Eldwin Chua is so passionate about his food that he's turned his humble beginnings into ten successful restaurants. This same passion can be seen in every plate of top-quality Dim sum that Canton Paradise serves up. The crackling pork belly is made from tiny squares of juicy pork topped with salty, crispy skin. The sweetness of the pork and salt of the skin goes amazingly with the bite of the mustard. Wrapped in buttery, flaky pastry the richness of the savoury egg tart goes fantastically with the fluffy bao with its tangy char sui filling. If you're looking for pure comfort food, then you have to try the steamed glutinous rice with chicken. The sticky rice and spicy chicken come wrapped in a vine leaf for superior steamed flavour.

Kimly Dim Sum

Kimly Dim Sum has the secret to homemade dim sum the way your mother used to make it. Unless your mother didn't make it. In which case, you're doubly lucky, because now you get to try it out for yourself. With so many options, where do you start? For a hit of caffeine, why not plump for the coffee pau, or if meat's your thing, the steamed pork ribs are an old-school classic.

Tung Lok Teahouse

Traditionally Dim Sum is served alongside steaming pots of fragrant tea. It's this concentration on traditions of Dim sum that sets the Tung Lok Teahouse apart from the competition. They see Dim sum as a communal activity - friends sharing a meal together, each sampling what the others are eating.

All their Dim sum is made and steamed to order so that it's as fresh as possible when it hits your plate. Their steamed truffle dumplings are light, airy and wonderfully flavourful. The Teahouse has its own signature rice roll, the cheong fun. This new creation has diced mushrooms rolled in a crispy deep-fried bean curd sheet which is then wrapped with a steamed rice sheet. It's a delectable mix of textures and tastes that sets our taste buds on fire.

Streats Hong Kong Café

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For dim sum Hong Kong-style, Streats Hong Kong Café is a fantastic choice. Like a meaty filling to your dumpling? The steamed chicken siew mai practically falls apart in your mouth, while the Beijing chicken dumpling brings a dash of Chinese spice to proceedings. Is seafood more your thing? The deep fried prawn dumplings with salad sauce are a perennial punter's favourite. A little corner of Hong Kong on the streets of Singapore, this is one dim sum place we're eager to order from.

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