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  2. Best Chilli Crab in Singapore: 5 of the Best
Best Chilli Crab in Singapore: 5 of the Best

Best Chilli Crab in Singapore: 5 of the Best

So, you're looking for the quintessential Singaporean dish? A dish that you can point to and say "that, right there, is what Singapore tastes like." A dish that's just at home on the streets as it is in a fine-dining restaurant. You're looking for chilli crab. Sweet, juicy and aromatic, this seafood dish is hard to beat when it comes to pure flavour. It's a must-eat for foodies everywhere, and with Deliveroo, you can get it delivered right to your door. We've rounded up some of the very best chilli crab dishes in the country - it's time to eat Singapore style!

JUMBO Seafood

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JUMBO Seafood's award-winning chilli crab dish is 800 grams of pure, unadulterated joy. If you're after something special, this is definitely the dish to choose. It's fresh, simple and sweet, and every dish comes with a generous helping of rich sauce. Traditionally a staple of seafood hawker stalls, JUMBO Seafood gives Singapore's unofficial national dish a bit of a fine-dining makeover. They've got over 20 years of experience and every bit of that goes into their succulent chilli crab. We're sold.

Uncle Leong Signatures

Uncle Leong Signatures is the way to go for a sensationally affordable chilli crab dish. Their crabs are, frankly, gargantuan. Drizzled with the restaurant's signature sauce and topped off with a handful of oats, this traditional take on the chilli crab is a bona fide delight. Uncle Leong, we salute you!


Set right in the heart of Orchard Road, Lucky8 might be Singapore's premier Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurant. But their expertise doesn't stop at the Chinese border, because they also serve up a pretty mean chilli crab as well. Think you've had every type of chilli crab? Think again. Under the guidance of Executive Chef Mr. Tse Kit, Lucky8 have brought their unique style to the famous chilli crab. It's a fusion of flavours that's utterly delicious and a true testament to this finger-licking dish.

Don Signature Crab

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There's a reason why CNN included chilli crab on their list of the 'World's 50 Best Foods.' At Don Signature Crab, we think we might have just found that reason. They serve chilli crab with mandou (a crispy bread) in either small or medium portions. Look, we wouldn't dream of telling you how to spend your hard-earned cash, but when the crab's this good - do you really want to go small? Don Signature Crab is the place to go for a properly authentic take on Singaporean street food. It's a carnival of crab!

Home of Seafood

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For up to 1.3kg of chilli crab meat, Home of Seafood is the way to go. Their chilli crab is award-winning and positively bursting with flavour. For dessert, why not try the ice jelly honey lime or Thai longan with sea coconut? And the stupendously healthy homemade ice lemon tea is the perfect way to wash the whole thing down. Mmmm, we're right at home.

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