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Best Rotisserie in Singapore

Best Rotisserie in Singapore

Sometimes you find yourself getting in touch with your more primal instincts when it comes to dinner time. Hunt it, roast it, eat it. Evolution may have removed your ability to do most of those things, but Deliveroo is here to make sure you can still get the delicious roast meats you deserve, as reward for surviving so many millennia as a species, let's say.

So, here are the best picks for rotisserie-style food in Singapore. And you don't even have to leave your cave, ahem, home to enjoy it:

The Rotisserie

What meat do you want? What do you want it with? Whatever your answer is, chances are The Rotisserie can provide. Quarter, half and whole chickens, with chips, veg or salad are yours for the choosing. Or go for a chicken burger, or steak sandwich, or chicken schnitzel burger, or hamburger. Be sure to finish off your meat-centric meal with a chocolate brownie, because chocolate has surely been key to our survival as a species.

Meat Smith

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The Meat Smith is crafting some pretty glorious things in Singapore. Sure, you could opt for the juicy brisket with pickles and vinegar slaw, or the Dino Rib with mustard crust, but really, if you're going in for a meat feast, then do it right. The Meat Smith BBQ Platter comes with beef rib, smoked chicken, brisket, pork ribs, and sides. But wait, there's more. The Premium BBQ Platter adds a ultra wagyu rib eye steak to the deal, and an extra side, go on, you owe it to yourself as a carnivore.

Lemon and Herb Rotisserie

It's all about the poultry at Lemon and Herb Rotisserie. Half a chicken roasted with rosemary and served with a heavy mashed potato is sure to answer your meaty-cravings. Our pescatarian friends aren't left out, the pan seared salmon is pretty delicious, served with honey mustard vinaigrette and asparagus. Of course if you want your meat between bread, then you can't go wrong with the classic cheeseburger.


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Greek food isn't all about salad and crumbly cheese (delicious as both those things are) it's also about some pretty fantastic meat. Gyromania knows this, and is keeping the Greek flag flying in Singapore with it's awesome meat platter. Available for 2, 3 or 4 people, we don't see why you shouldn't go for the 4-person platter no matter how many guests you're hosting (or not even). You'll be given the joy of dining on lamb chops, Salonika beef soutzoukaki, Salonika chicken soutzoukaki, chicken gyro, pork gyro, fried potatoes, pita bread, tzatziki, melitzanosalata and tyrokafteri. Wipe yourself off, you're drooling.

Jerry's Barbeque & Grill

Meat is the name of the game at Jerry's Barbeque & Grill. Chicken, brisket and pork ribs are all available straight off the grill, as well as some succulent steaks cooked to perfection, and lamb loins. To get started, take on Jerry's Most Talked-About Hot Wings, available in four different levels of spice (Smokin' being level 1, and level 4 being ominously named 'Chef's Challenge'). If you are looking for a bit of green with your meat then the Chef's barbeque chicken salad is the one.

Wanting roast meats? Order with Deliveroo.

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