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  2. The Best Cakes in Singapore: 5 Strong Contenders
The Best Cakes in Singapore: 5 Strong Contenders

The Best Cakes in Singapore: 5 Strong Contenders

It's always cake o'clock in Singapore. We've got a serious sweet tooth here, and luckily for us the Lion City's jam-packed with bakeries, patisseries and dessert cafes galore. Whether you're in search of an elegant chiffon bake or New York-style cheesecake, here's where you'll find the crème de la crème.

Temptation Cakes

Let's start with a Singapore classic, Temptation Cakes. Temptation's been the go-to spot for generations of cake-lovers, serving Parisian-style confections since 1985. Flavours include everything from black forest to mango. These are obviously delicious, but the reason why Temptation's so beloved is its signature chocolate etoile cake. It's so light and fluffy you may feel the need to secure it to the table in case it floats away, with layer after layer of chocolate mousse and sponge. The secret to this cake's success is in the mousse, which is whipped until it's filled with air like ice cream. Then the whole thing is smothered in ganache, tempting chocoholics far and wide.

Cat & The Fiddle

Calling all cheesecake lovers: heaven really is a place on earth at Cat & the Fiddle. If you haven't already tried Daniel Tay's epic flavour combos, it's time to get on the ball. Order 'Over the Moon' for a slice of traditional vanilla cheesecake that tastes like it could have come straight from a NY diner. Or you could opt for more exotic options like the 'Paws of Fury', loaded up with Hong Kong-style milk tea and a jolt of espresso. Some of the cakes offer an adult edge with just a cheeky hint of booze, like the martini-meets-lychee 'Emperor's Romance'. And if you're having trouble choosing between these luscious flavours, order the 'Fickle Feline' to get a ten-slice tasting platter.


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Being named after the lady who coined the phrase 'let them eat cake', one can assume that Antoinette knows its stuff. Yas, Queen! This French patisserie and tea salon is headed up by pastry chef extraordinaire Pang Kok Keong, with an ultra-luxe, boudoir-inspired atmosphere. They serve some amazing crepes and a killer selection of French toast, but let's get down to business and talk about the cakes. The signature 'Antoinette' cake will impress any guest with its combination of Earl Grey-infused chocolate mousse, chocolate biscuit and a dark chocolate tea cremeux. The strawberry shortcake is also to die for, laden with fresh strawberries and plenty of Chantilly crème.


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If you like your cake on the lighter side, you'll love the selection of Emicakes. These baked treats are as close to guilt-free as you can get. Emicakes is a master of the airy chiffon style, and they offer a selection of eggless cakes. Now you can tuck into your favourite flavour of sponge even if you're watching your cholesterol. The eggless 'pure addiction' tastes no less decadent for its healthier profile, with layers of chocolate mousse, chiffon and ganache giving way to the crunch of almonds. Peach mango is another bestselling flavour, with bursts of fruity flavour in every bite.

NOM Bistro & Bakery

NOM Bistro & Bakery serves up wholesome, homemade treats with 'no other meaning'. This social enterprise offers employment opportunities to disadvantaged Singaporeans, in a friendly bistro setting. Aside from the burgers, pasta and salads, NOM is rather famous for its rainbow cakes. Whether you prefer your cake rolled up Swiss-style or in a layered cheesecake, there's something to tempt you here.  Flawless cake with a conscience? Let's have another slice.

Whether you're planning ahead for a celebration or just in the mood for a slice of the sweet stuff, Singapore's dessert takeaways are second to none. Order your cake from Deliveroo today and we'll bring you the treat of your choice.

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