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Fish and Chip Friday Top Places To Get Your F&Cs In Singapore

Fish and chip Friday: 4 top places to get your F&Cs in Singapore

Are you craving something crispy and carby for tonight's takeaway? Look no further than the British classic fish and chips. Crunchy, hearty and all-out awesome, these fried delights are sure to put a smile on your face. So we've rounded up four of the best places for you to feast on this deliciously deep-fried dish here in Singapore.

1. Fish & Co.

If you're looking for a taste of Western cuisine with a cultural twist, this is the place for you. They serve up everything from prawn fritters to tender fish nuggets, but they like to stray away from tradition a little too.

Try their Bombay version of fish and chips, where flaky fish is covered in an Indian-herb batter and served with a curry mayo dip. But it's the Swiss Fish & Chips that gets our vote, with an mozzarella and oregano stuffing, served up smothered in a garlic and lemon butter sauce.

Where: Fish & Co, Novena Square

2. Smiths Fish and Chips

If you're looking for that true, British fish and chips flavour here in Singapore, take a look Smiths' menu. Batter with a terrific crunch, chips fresh from the fryer, and who could forget those mushy peas and rich gravy on the side?

They have all sorts of goodies here, including favourites like cod, haddock, halibut and scampi, but they also offer up salmon, fish cakes and a classic Chip Butty. And all of their fish is imported directly from the UK, to bring that authentic British fish and chips experience here our city.

Where: Smiths Fish and Chips, Balmoral Plaza

3. Greenwood Fish Market

They only deal with the best catch of the day over at Greenwood Fish Market, so you're guaranteed the good stuff here – and they offer up everything from seafood platters to trays overflowing with oysters. So you could opt for their classic fish and chips, but we love subbing in their truffle fries for a bit of a fancier feast. If you're really pushing the boat out, they've also got an extensive fish menu including snapper, barramundi and ocean trout.

Where: Greenwood Fish Market, Raffles Park

4. China Square Fried Fish Soup

If you'd like all the flavours and textures of traditional fish and chips, but with our local cuisine inspiration, head to China Square – the home of fried fish soup. This idea may seem a little whacky, but trust us on this one. The crunchy texture of deep-fried fish and the subtle flavours of a warming soup blend beautifully together – try their Fish Bee Hoon dish for perfectly fried fish meat, served alongside crispy shredded egg, thick or thin bee hoon, with lettuce, shallots, dried salted fish and spring onion.

Where: China Square Fried Fish Soup, Tanjong Pagar

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