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Four of the best raw dishes on offer in Singapore

Think raw food is second-rate? Then you’re really, really wrong…

Have you ever heard of the raw food diet? If not, you might be wondering why anyone would choose to swap cooked-to-perfection cuisine with raw and ready meal options, but there are actually lots of great reasons to do so!

Let us explain. 'Raw foodism' is a movement or philosophy more than a hard and fast set of rules. Embraced by a huge number of people, it posits that uncooked alternatives to traditional dishes can be really good for you, because their ingredients won't have fallen prey to the destruction of nutrients and enzymes that occur once heated up.

Embraced by vegans and vegetarians, in particular, raw foodism usually works well with less conventional diets, and it can actually be pretty tasty too. Not convinced? Then try one of these four delicious raw dishes in Singapore to see for yourself.

1. The Living Café's Zucchini Pesto Pasta  

If there's one place you really need to go to try raw food in Singapore, it's The Living Café, which has a whole section of its menu devoted to this unique diet. Dedicated to serving fresh and wholesome food options that everyone can eat, their Zucchini Pesto Pasta is a true tour de force for the taste buds, and has the added bonus of being gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Mixing homemade pesto with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts, it not only tastes great, but is terrifically healthy too.

2. Real Food's Rainforest Wild Honey

A very special vegetarian restaurant in South Beach, Real Food is a fantastic option to order from if raw food is your thing, and has lots of lovely menu choices to pick between. One of our favourites is their Rainforest Wild Honey. Locally sourced and organically produced, this superfood is harvested raw and unheated to help it retain its authentic flavour and taste. Rich, sweet, and packed full of health benefits, it's the perfect ingredient to add to a plain low-fat yoghurt when you want a beneficial breakfast-time boost.   

3. Afterglow's Raw Pizza

Another eatery that's embraced the raw food trend is the amazing Afterglow, which boasts a Raw Pizza amongst their many Asian-inspired specialities. This divine dish combines dehydrated almond crust with a basil cashew spread topped with seasonal vegetables, pineapple, and more. Suitable for vegetarians, it offers a truly unique take on this menu staple, and is absolutely guaranteed to convert you to the beauty of uncooked options.      

4. Sushi Tei's Salmon Sashimi

Whether it's Thai or Hawaiian, American or Armenian, raw food dishes come from all around the world, but probably the most famous example is sushi, which is why we made sure to include Sushi Tei's Salmon Sashimi on this list. Fresh, flavoursome, and filled with lots of vitamins and minerals, this healthy meal choice just happens to taste utterly amazing.    

Ready to try some of these raw specialities for yourself? Then place an order with Deliveroo and prepare to be impressed.

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