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4 Greek Dishes Featuring Feta Cheese

We've Got A Fetish For Greek Food With Feta Cheese!

No, we've not gone a bit nuts - when it comes to the Greek food staple that is feta cheese, we're just kind of obsessed. Saying that though, the cheese actually is rather nutty... Perhaps that's why we like it.

But why feta? In itself, it's salty and tangy, with a distinct flavour that lends itself to a range of food well. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is how its texture can vary - it can either be crumbly or creamy, depending on what you like and how it's prepared.

Feta is a staple of Greek food, and it can be found in almost every kind of dish. From salads to seafood, it just seems to work with everything. That's probably because the Mediterranean folk know how to do just about everything in the kitchen to a high standard, so their ingredients work effortlessly.

Are you keen? Let's see what feta wonders we've got in Singapore then, shall we?

1. River Trout With Whipped Feta - Summerlong​

Anyone who has seen a map of Greece will understand just why fish is so prevalent in the native peoples' diet. Their cuisine is overly linked to fish, and that's carried across to restaurants overseas. At Summerlong, one of the most popular dishes on the menu is river trout served with greens such as fresh peas, and flavoured with crispy sage. But it's the whipped feta that really makes this dish stand out, and puts this place on the culinary map.

2. Greek Lasagne - ERGON Greek Deli & Cafe

When you think of lasagne, you'd be forgiven for thinking of Italy. However, the Italians don't have the monopoly on this rich and delicious cheesy dish. The Greek Lasagne from ERGON Greek Deli & Cafe will help you see it in an entirely new light. Exchange the heaviness of meat with this alternative - a vegetarian spinach lasagne with fabulous feta cheese. There's even a Greek salad on the side for good measure.

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3. Tiganopsomo - Blu Kouzina

Of course, feta isn't the only staple of Greek cuisine - far from it. Filo pita pies are pretty popular too! At Blu Kouzina, this traditional stuffed pita dish is oozing with melted feta cheese, just like they make it in Greece. Tiganopsomo is just one of the hot meze available; you can pair it with other choices as a meze - the Greek version of tapas-style small dishes. We recommend the different kinds of potatoes or the meatballs.

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4. Spanakopitta - Alati

Spanakopitta is another small plate that's a classic part of Greek cuisine. So what is it? Philo pastry is stuffed with leeks, spinach and of course feta, and it's especially delicious when you order it from Alati. It goes especially well with a glass of ouzo, a Greek speciality. It's especially ideal if you're hungry, as you can have it alongside another main as a starter or side dish.

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If going hungry tonight seems like a fate worse than death, choose feta! We've got your back here at Deliveroo. Order whatever you like, around the clock.

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