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Festival of Feasts - O-Fish-Ally Seafood

O-Fish-Ally Amazing Seafood

It's the fourth week of the Festival of Feasts. Where we looked at our favourite Asian cuisine dishes last week, we're now taking a dive into some of the best seafood we have to offer during the Festival of Feasts! Stay fresh with 1-for-1 deals, $12 meals, bundle sets and so much more on your seafood favourites.

Dive in. Here's our guide to all things Seafood on Deliveroo.


Something fishy this way comes

Fish are friends not food - unless they come in a basket of fish and chips. The British classic of Fish and Chips is a time honoured tradition, with some even calling it the national dish. Here in Singapore, Fish and Chips has become standard western fare - the fish alternative to the usual Chicken Chop.

Some of Singapore's favourite fish and chips comes from Manhattan Fish Market, which is why we've got them on for this week's Festival of Feasts! Enjoy the hand-battered fish fillets, drizzled with delicious Garlic Herb sauce, complemented with chips and a side salad. Get it with a side of Mac 'N Cheese, and a can of rootbeer to complete the meal.

Get a set of Fish and Chips from Manhattan Fish Market on Deliveroo!


In salmon we trust

Salmon, beautiful salmon. The orange of salmon meat has been seared into our culinary memories from the first time we tasted smoked salmon, right up till the last piece of salmon sashimi we truly enjoyed.

COLLIN'S® Grilled Salmon Fillet fits right into this never ending story of our love of salmon (and it's going for 1-for-1 this week!). Served with pesto cream, a side a of pasta, corn, and salad, a bite of COLLIN'S® grilled salmon fillet, will bring us right back to the days sitting in coffee shops treating yourself to a great western meal. Except now, you're in the comforts of wherever you are.

For this week only, get 1-for-1 on COLLIN'S® Grilled Salmon Fillet on Deliveroo!

Next week: Lettuce Feast

We have 2 more weeks of the Festival of Feasts! All you veggie lovers rejoice, because next week let us feast on the lettuce feast! Look out for deals on salads, bowls, veggies and more from The Soup Spoon, COLLIN'S®, and other restaurants. We're going green next week, on Deliveroo.

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