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Festival of Feasts - Rice and Noodle Paradise

A rice and noodle paradise

It's the third week of the Festival of Feasts. Last week, we took at everything to do with grain. This week, hold on tight because we're looking at our Asian delights stepping into the rice and noodle paradise of the Festival of Feasts! With 1-for-1 deals, $12 meals, bundle sets and so much more on dishes across all kinds of Asian cuisine, you'll never go hungry.

Dive in. Here's our guide to all things Asian on Deliveroo.


Use your noodle

Mian. Mee. Noodles. We call it different things, but essentially, they're more or less the same thing. From the high end handmade noodles from upscale Chinese restaurants, to our guilty pleasure instant noodles, to a nice warm bowl of delicious ramen, there's no denying that the Asian cuisine experience isn't quite complete without noodles.

Which brings us to Pho. The good folk at Wrap & Roll are offering $12 for some great Vietnamese delights including the Hà Nội Phở Beef Noodle Soup with Premium Australian Beef, all with an ice cold refreshing glass of lemongrass tea.

Warm up your cold and rainy nights with a bowl of Pho from Wrap & Roll on Deliveroo!


When rice is nice

The only staple more important to an Asian diet than noodles is rice. From sushi, to biryani, to our local favourite fried rice, there's no end to the many different ways rice finds its way into almost every meal of our day.

We're deciding to talk about one of Bangkok Jam's One Dish Wonders (which are all available at 1-for-1 for the Festival of Feasts) - the Khao Yum Gai Saab, or The Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet with Thai Jasmine Rice. Take a hearty bite into a chicken cutlet fried to perfection and topped with Thai herbs nestled next to a bed of fresh and fragrant Thai Jasmine Rice.

With the Festival of Feasts, get the Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet with Thai Jasmine Rice on Deliveroo at 1-for-1!


Dim sum delights

This may be the Rice and Noodle Paradise but the feast continues with the rest of our Asian cuisine favourites, which brings us to Dim Sum. It's hard not to enjoy the simple pleasures of a warm fluffy Char Siew Bao, or the more refined sensations of a Xiao Long Bao bursting into your mouth, which is why we can't ignore it.

If the mere mention of Xiao Long Bao has you salivating, then you're in luck. Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao is taking our love of noodles and bringing it together with our obsession with their signature Xiao Long Bao. Get a bundle set of 2 bowls of La Mian (of your choice) and a basket of Xiao Long Bao, and get another basket of Xiao Long Bao for free!

For this week only, get a free basket of Xiao Long Bao from Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao on Deliveroo!

Next week: O-Fish-Ally Seafood

The Festival of Feasts doesn't end yet! Next week, we'll be looking out for the freshest catch with "O-Fish-Ally Seafood"! Look out for deals from Manhattan Fish Market, Fish & Co., Sabio, and so much more. Get your sunhats ready for the fishing trip next week, on Deliveroo.

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