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Festival of Feasts - No Grain, No Gain

All aboard the grain train

Last week, we looked at meats. This week, prepare for something a lot more wholesome, grains. From pizzas to pastas to grain bowls to pastries, grain has become ingrained in our culinary life, and we want to celebrate it. Get 1-for-1 deals, $12 meals, bundle sets, tasting platters on all things associated with the humble but mighty grain.

To get you prepped for the grain train, here's our guide to all things grain on Deliveroo.


Bowled over grain bowls

The phenomenon of the grain bowl happened not too long ago, but my are we glad it has happened. From the more traditional brown rice variants to the modern sensibilities of quinoa - or perhaps you enjoy a bowl of orzo pasta - the simple grain bowl has come a long way.

Leading the pack is one of our favourite grain bowl hotspots, Grain Traders. With fresh ingredients served daily to create healthy and nutritious bowls, coupled with their commitment to creating new and exciting flavours, Grain Traders is a hard one to miss.

For "No Grain, No Gain", Grain Traders has created the Millet Moroccan Tagine - Roast Chicken Breast, Smoked Cauliflower, Zucchini & Fine Beans with Tarragon & Mustard Dressing, Carrot, Caramelized Fennel & Onion Salad with Mixed Seeds and Yogurt Dressing, Roasted Vegetable Ratatouille and served with Beetroot Feta Yogurt Dressing. The result is a distinctive smoky North African flavour, that is easy on your stomach as it is on your tongue.

Get 1-for-1 on the Millet Moroccan Tagine this week from Grain Traders on Deliveroo!


Want a pizza me?

Pizza is great, isn't it? It's a simple concept. Dough, tomato, and anything you can think of on top. Hailing from the Amalfi coast in Italy, the humble pizza has been transformed by countless cultures across the globe. Whether you're a fan of pineapples on pizza or not, you have to admit - saying no to a slice sometimes, just isn't an option.

With Spizza, you can enjoy authentic wood-fired pizzas at a great casual price. We especially love their 'Anna' pizza - a beef bolognese creation which can't go wrong. Topped with tomato, mozzarella, bolognese sauce and mixed mushrooms, it takes the classic pasta concoction and translates it on a beloved pizza.

With the Festival of Feasts, get the 'Anna' from Spizza on Deliveroo at 1-for-1!


Pastry Party

We love our pastries. From the bakeries underneath our MRTs, to tasty cupcakes, to our beloved croissants found in upscale cafes.

Here's a Singapore favourite. Tiong Bahru Bakery's signature Kouign Amann. The name alone creates mystery, curiosity, and the promise of a satisfyingly flaky bite into a hearty pastry. The pastry which originated in Brittany in France is a crisp buttery pastry glazed with caramelised sugar and just a small hint of salt. Perfect for breakfasts, or perhaps the afternoon snack to tide you over to dinner.

For this week only, treat you and your friends to 4 of these signature pastries at $12 (U.P. $15.20). Get it from Tiong Bahru Bakery on Deliveroo!

Next week: rice and noodle paradise

The Festival of Feasts doesn't end here! Next week we're finally looking at some of our Singaporean staples: Rice and Noodles - and all Asian delights in between. Look out for deals from Tim Ho Wan, Dian Xiao Er, Crystal Jade and more! Get ready to enter the Rice and Noodle Paradise on Deliveroo.

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