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Classic Aubergine Vegetarian Dishes to Order in Singapore

Your Guide To Brilliant Vegetarian Dishes Starring Aubergine In Singapore

Aubergine is unbelievably healthy and wonderfully flavoured, with earthy umami notes. It's time to dig into some of the most deliciously cooked and extravagant dishes where the aubergine truly shines. As a vegetable packed with all the healthy fibres, nutrients and vitamins you need, it's a perfect ingredient on which to base any meal.

Right here in the heart of Singapore, we've got your back with some of the best served classic and creative dishes with the aubergine feature you need - delicacies from Lebanon to India! Get ready to dig right into these healthy and timeless veggie-fuelled goodies guaranteed to have you running back for more.

1. Baba Ghanouj for a Middle Eastern Twist

Baba Ghanouj is a timeless dish all over the globe. As a dip packed with a whole world of flavours and health benefits, it's no wonder that it's an absolute treat any time of the day. Roasted aubergine is blended with tahini, olive oil and traditional spices and herbs to produce Baba Ganouj. All that goodness comes even before adding more super healthy toppings such as pomegranate, fresh tomatoes, parsley as well as crunchy walnuts and peppers. This starter serves up a beautiful, classic dish equipped with all the additional benefits you need to keep yourself healthy and well-fed. It's easy on the stomach and an instant favourite, so grab your very own from Qasr Grill & Mezze, a fantastic Lebanese restaurant with a delicious collection of salads, mezze and much more.

2. Moussaka for deeper Mediterranean vibes

Another dish known all for its exciting flavours and Mediterranean deliciousness, Moussaka is an absolute must-try if you haven't already. An all-time legendary dish from Greece, Turkey, and across the Middle East, Moussaka is all about aubergine. With fantastic blends of ingredients like chickpeas, chopped onions, fresh tomatoes, garlic and green peppers, this refreshing and uplifting veggie-fuelled dish is perfectly suited as a main or appetiser before any meal. You'll be hooked after your very first taste. Be sure to get yours expertly made from Tabbouleh just right around the corner!

3. Spice it up with Sambal Eggplant

A marvellous twist on classic aubergine dishes, Sambal Eggplant is a hot and savoury aubergine dish utilising sambal, a popular Indian and southeast Asian paste, to prepare a spicy aubergine stir-fry guaranteed to tingle all your senses. Sambal is made of a mix of spicy chillies with an addition of garlic, ginger, shallots, vinegar, onions and more. For spice and aubergine lovers out there, this is a heavenly dish which will satiate every craving you have for something healthy, hot and filling. Veg Café serves up an absolutely riveting version of the popular bite as well as dishes from many other cuisines, such as Italian veggie pastas and Thai curries you'll just adore.

4. Aubergine in Chilli Sauce for the fiery eater

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At Indian Wok, Indian and Chinese food are merged to produce an over-the-top and incredibly exciting world of dishes you just need to try on your next dining adventure. With fresh and traditional ingredients, Indian Wok serves up a savoury and deliciously tongue-tingling Aubergine in Chilli Sauce, also known as Brinjals, which consists of tender aubergine with soya sauce, hot chilli and garlic softly cooked to a succulent perfection. Deeply satisfying and indulgent, aubergine and chilli go hand in hand perfectly to deliver a fusion of tastes and zesty sensations. A great dish to cleanse with and keep your body healthy and satisfied, you won't be able to keep your hands off this Indian marvel.

Get yourself one of these absolutely riveting aubergine dishes and stay green and lean with Deliveroo by your side!

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