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  2. These egg-tastic dishes are perfect for the veggie in you!
These Egg-tastic Dishes Are Perfect for the Veggie in You!

These egg-tastic dishes are perfect for the veggie in you!

Loaded with protein and vitamins, eggs are a delicious, affordable and tasty way to keep you healthy and feeling full all day. For pescetarians or lacto-ovo vegetarians, eggs can be the most important aspect of daily meals as they provide the nutrition you would otherwise get from meat, and are delicious all at the same time!

Feeling blue? The b-complex vitamins in eggs will pick you right up! Can't catch any sun whilst stuck at work? Eggs are chock-full of vitamin D, selenium, and choline to keep you nourished! Eggs are nature's magical little packages filled with nutrients, and perhaps even more importantly, taste absolutely incredible! That means a lot when your diet is limited, and there are some really fantastic dishes centred around eggs and the many unique ways they can be prepared.

For your egg-lovin' convenience, we put together a list of some of the best restaurants in Singapore serving healthy vegetarian egg dishes perfect for any meal of the day.

1.  The Vege Breakfast Wrap at SaladStop!

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SaladStop! Is a hallmark in wholesome, quality food as it is the biggest and healthiest food chain in all of Asia. With determination like no other when it comes to nourishing food, SaladStop! caters to everyone's diet and cravings. Scrumptious salads loaded with all the vitamins and protein your body needs, delicious wraps and warm grains are all prepared and served efficiently and with utmost cleanliness. Get your day started on the right foot and be sure to check out their Vege Breakfast Wrap, the ultimate way to load up on eggs! The wraps are filled with eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and even a zesty Greek yogurt to top it all off. This is much more than European breakfast with a twist.

2. Poached Spinach with Trio Eggs at the Peach Garden

Centred around authentic dining and the exquisite tastes of China, Peach Garden offers up an exciting assortment of wonderful dishes that are simply a must-try. A true vegetarian's delight, Peach Garden's passionate veggie-packed dishes brought straight to your home always provides a fun, exciting and constantly satisfying experience. Original recipes from the Far East such as their Stir-fried Sichuan and Braised Bean curd mixed-veggie plate are perfectly suited to satisfy your veggie needs. However, their egg-infused show-stopper has got to be the Poached Local Spinach With Trio Eggs! Extremely high in vitamins, protein, and packed with delicious flavours, one bite of this inviting dish will have you ordering it on the regular!

3. White Button Mushroom and Egg Pasta at Cedele's Bakery Kitchen

With a simple, direct yet tantalising menu, the fun never really stops at Cedele's Bakery Kitchen. Healthy meals with flavours just to-die-for, every dish served is ensured to be just right for you. Check out the White Button Pasta, a fantastic mixture of both button and shimeji mushrooms delicately tossed in fresh egg pasta and served in a light, creamy savoury sauce. Not everyone in the family is a dedicated vegetarian? If they're on the prowl for a tasty meal with an egg that steals the spotlight, the have to give the Naked Beef Burger a try. The miso glazed beef burger sits atop a fluffy quinoa bed topped with a perfectly poached egg.

4. Tartufo Pizza At Ricciotti Riverwalk

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If you find yourself craving some fantastic Italian dishes and treats, you're in luck - that is what Ricciotti is all about. Serving up authentic, mouth-watering dishes brought over from the heart of Italy, every dining experience from Ricciotti will leave you in awe. Their menu caters to customers of all sorts, including gluten-free and vegetarian dishes of the finest calibre. Be sure to try the Tartufo pizza, an incredibly luxurious dish with a black truffle spread delicately decorated with tiny quail eggs, another egg show-stopper enchanting from beginning to end!

Eggs are a must for everyone, from growing children to body-conscious health food buffs. With the countless benefits attached, be sure to check out these wonderful dishes on Deliveroo today!

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