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  2. 24-hour delivery: It's always takeaway time in Singapore!
24-hour Delivery: It's Always Takeaway Time in Singapore!

24-hour delivery: It's always takeaway time in Singapore!

Hunger can strike at any time, so you need takeout options on hand to see you through both day and night. Okay, so maybe your favorite Deliveroo restaurants don't all offer 24-hour delivery, but we've got some great restaurants, cafes and more options in Singapore to make sure you're always happy.

We've sifted through the best places and found ten options to suit you around the clock, in different parts of the city.


Getting breakfast is super important. After all, they say it's the most important meal of the day. You have a wide variety of choices across Singapore, no matter what you're into. An early morning coffee boost is almost essential, and with Dapper Coffee, you can get exactly that from 9.45am onwards.

Of course, brunch is now incredibly popular worldwide, with plenty of options for a mid-morning meal, too. Rabbit, Carrot, Gun has some great options starting from 11.30am, and they cater to meat-eaters and vegetarians. So, with options like Avocado Smash and Red Velvet Pancakes, you won't be disappointed whether you have a sweet tooth or not.

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Moving on to lunchtime, and you literally have hundreds of tasty treats just a click away. Pasta Fresca at Boat Quay serves the most enviable dishes, so you might have to visit again. They've an array of starters to go perfectly with a range of mains. You can eat healthily, or choose to carb load with authentic Italian pastas instead!

Maybe an afternoon snack is more your cup of tea? Well, that's a piece of cake - literally - thanks to Flor Patisserie. It's got a selection of cakes and tarts to keep you on a sugar high all afternoon.

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By the time 6.30pm rolls around, most of us are more than ready for dinner! You've got so many cuisines across Deliveroo, but if you're after something hearty, why not opt for Meat Smith? It's a carnivore's delight, with ribs, steaks, and other meats galore. You can even find a 1kg steak challenge, for those who are really into big portions!

Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar does an extensive range of incredible Indian dishes; there'll be something you'll like no matter whether you prefer things spicy or mild.

And everyone knows that the evening is the perfect time to gather around some friends for pizza, so you're in luck - at Rosso Vino, it's among their specialities.

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4.Late Night

We all get cravings late at night, often when it's much too late to cook. If you've been out partying or having fun, this need for something yummy just intensifies! Harry's offers a great solution, and it's open until 11pm. The food is a little naughty, but extra nice; stuff like wings and burgers for an indulgent treat.

Maybe Ramen is more up your street? Ippudo Ramen has some amazing choices when it comes to Japanese food.

And, of course, if you just want to order up some alcohol? Yep, you can do that, too. Bar Bar Black Sheep is a much-loved liquor store, and it's open 'til late!

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No matter what time of day you happen to feel a little peckish, you can find something to suit you on Deliveroo!

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