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Dish Of The Day: Waffles

Dish of the day: waffles

Singapore locals love their sweet snacks, but nothing has become more popular in recent years than the crispy delight of the humble waffle. Served sweet or savoury, waffles have become one of the top takeaway treats in Singapore. There are plenty of places you can grab this scrumptious snack – but how will you eat yours?

While at Geláre and Nun Song Yee Korean Dessert Café they keep things traditional, over at they go Dandelion Cafe for a more savoury twist. The choice is yours…

Quick and easy cooking

It's not difficult to see why waffles have become one of the most popular desserts all over the world. Their sugary outer crunch masks the soft sponge surprise inside, while their simplicity means they can be paired with any flavour combination you can think up.  

Although there are many cultural variations, the batter recipe stays almost the same – a simple formula of flour, baking powder, white sugar, eggs, milk, butter and sometimes vanilla extract. When you think of waffles you think dimpled, golden brown delights – and they get their distinctive shape from the moulded plates they're cooked between. From Brussels to America, Hong Kong to Norway, people all over have been getting in on the waffle fun, each rustling up their own trademark take.

Walking through time

Although waffles are just about everywhere nowadays, they actually have medieval origins. The first known waffles came in the form of communion wafers, but they were made in irons that printed religious scenes rather than the squares we'd know today. And it actually wasn't until the late 14th century that the first waffle recipe was recorded, with an unknown writer leaving a note for his wife on how to cook our beloved dish.

Nowadays, you'll find that Belgian waffles are the most popular form of this dessert dish, classically topped with icing sugar. But don't let tradition hold you down – put on your thinking cap and get ready to whip up the craziest topping combination you can imagine. Trust us, it'll work with the waffle.

Waffle wonders

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One thing people love about waffles is that they can be adapted to so many different palates. For example, if you're looking for something savoury but out of the ordinary, how about the American-inspired fried chicken waffle dish from the Dandelion Cafe? Perfectly seasoned strips of deep-fried chicken, salty turkey bacon and fresh greens accompany two homemade waffles.

Or, for the ultimate dessert, you have to try the chocolate chip waffles from Geláre – their own chocolate chip batter recipe will arrive at your door drizzled in rich chocolate sauce – we'd recommend adding a scoop of ice cream. They keep things classy over at Nung Song Yee too, offering up waffles topped with either a creamy strawberry, mango, choco-banana or mixed berry ice-cream.

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