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Dish Of The Day: Thai Green Curry

Dish of the day: Thai green curry

Thai green curry is a soothing dish with a heart full of heat, made with a creamy coconut base and infused with fresh green chillies. With over a century in the bank, it's stood the test of time and emerged victorious.

As classic as the Thai green curry is, it constantly attracts new takes – so you're sure to find this delicious dish served up with a difference each time you order it. At ThaiExpress, choose between a seafood or chicken-based curry. Sakon Thai adds a laksa to the traditional offering, and at Thai Affair they serve it both straight up and as a rice or noodle combination.

Cooling coconut with an extra zing

Thai green curry has a base of coconut milk, providing a cool contrast to that fierceness from the fiery green chillies. Along with vibrant green hits from coriander and kaffir lime leaves, it's easy to see where this curry gets both its name and its colour.

Add in your favourite protein source, and top with basil for a dish that's both fragrant and beautiful. Thai Express adds peas too, which complements the chicken or seafood core by adding little bursts of sweetness.

Thai tradition with a modern twist

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Thai curries may be renowned worldwide, but they are a true staple of Thailand's cuisine. Dating back to the late 1870s, the first Thai curry is recorded as a 'watery dish'. But it's the later addition of coconut milk that gives it its modern twist.

Typically served with rice, it's one of the classic curries. Using key Thai ingredients it can also take on a number of different twists. Keeping the base simple, Sakon Thai plays around with protein options for their signature spin – so if chicken doesn't catch your eye, then a hearty beef or punchy pork option might work instead.

More spicy than sweet

In Thai, the dish is dubbed kaeng khiao wan – and 'wan' means sweet. But don't be fooled, as this dish is anything but. As one of the spicier Thai curries around, its creamy base and calming colour can be misleading – this curry can be as hot as you like.

A Thai curry intensity can be taken down a notch or amped up, depending on the balance of coconut milk to chillies. But that's half the fun. Commonly a curry, the 'Thai green' flavour also works wonders at Thai Affair in other dishes – as fried rice dressed with chicken, or a curried noodle number.

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