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Dish Of The Day: Steak

Dish of the day: steak

Rare, medium or well done? Cooked just the way you like it, a good steak is one of the purest pleasures out there. And with different types of sauces, cuts of meat and seasonings, there's a steak for everyone.

From a classic sirloin over at Meet Restaurant, to the hand cut flame-grilled Angus at Meet n Chill and the New Zealand inspired ribeye at Jack's Place, you're sure to find the steak of your dreams here in Singapore. But first, let's check out the history of this classic dish.

Cooked to perfection

A good steak may seem simple on the outside, season it, bundle it in a pan and serve it up – but that's not the case. It takes a fair bit of skill to get a steak to the desired sweet spot – which can be anywhere from well-done to rare depending on how you like it.

You'll find steaks topping off menus across the world, with each a bit different from the last. While in America they serve up huge steaks with sides of potatoes, corn and mushrooms, in the UK you'll tend to find chips as your meaty companion. Over in the Balkans, they serve steak up on toast, topped with a fried egg and a few sprigs of parsley. Super versatile and super tasty, it's no wonder it's a hit across the world.

Endless possibilities

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While people have been cooking up slabs of meat since we were caveman, the word steak as we know it today actually comes from the Scandinavian 'steik', meaning roast, which popped up sometime around the middle of the 15th century. And while when we say steak you think beef, the word actually refers to all sorts, from an eggplant steak to a tuna one – this delight isn't just about the beef.

Meet you in the middle

For all those classic flavours you associate with a good steak, head to Meet restaurant. Here, you get a choice between two trademark cuts: the sirloin and the ribeye. And the good news doesn't stop there, each is served up with potato wedges, a homemade mushroom sauce, sea salt flakes and mustard. If you're a bit of a steak aficionado and you know a thing or two, then the New Zealand Silver Fern Farms Ribeye Steak is the one for you.  

If you prefer choices when dinner time hits, Meat 'n' Chill is the place for you. Here you'll find everything from a 200g New York Strip, to an Angus Ribeye weighing in at 300g. Each of these hand-cut wonders are flame-grilled to perfection, for those bold smoky flavours that we all know and love.

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