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Dish Of The Day: Fish And Chips

Dish of the day: fish and chips

With water surrounding us on all sides, it's no surprise that we love seafood here in Singapore. And this love extends to the British classic fish and chips. This traditional staple is always best enjoyed staring at the sea with the wind in your face – so make sure you can taste the salt in the air, as well as on your chips.

Enjoy some of the best in town with Smiths Fish and Chips' all-English menu, or get a Singaporean twist from Fish & Co. And if you're all about quality, Greenwood Fish Market uses seafood freshly bought from the market, so you know this stuff is the real deal.

The golden dish

Not many dishes give away exactly what they are in their name, but fish and chips doesn't hide behind pretence. You want slices of potato cut as chunky chips or narrow fries, heavily salted and maybe sprinkled with a dash of malt vinegar. And the fish is just that – a fillet of white fish, traditionally cod or haddock, covered in batter and left to fry till crispy.

With fish and chips, it's all about the colour. You know your order's ready when it's perfectly gold and glorious. You're looking for chips with crunch but a fluffy centre, working in complete partnership with the headline event, the fish itself. While it's white and delicate on the inside, the batter should be fried to a similar shade of golden brown.

A historical sensation

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Despite its supposed Britishness, fried fish was an imported invention. Spanish Jews brought it over in the 17th century, making a batter out of flour and sometimes beer – hence the popularity of beer-battered fish now. Potato chips are first mentioned in 1859, in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. So it's not surprising that in 1860, the first fish and chip shop opened in London.

The dish rapidly grew in popularity – half a century later, there were 25,000 chippies across the UK, which grew to 35,000 by 1930. And as British influence spread across the world, fish and chips became popular overseas too.

Made fresh and local

Greenwood Fish Market plate up all kinds of wonderful seafood, but fish and chips remains one of their most-ordered dishes. The simplicity makes it easy to eat, and perfect any time of the day – from midday brunch all the way through to late dinner. Smiths make their fish and chips the classic way, too. Pick from popular cod and haddock, or go for some more niche species like dory, halibut or scampi.

And, as fish and chips started life as a culinary fusion, it only makes sense for it to have regional variations now too. Fish & Co.'s Singapore Fish & Chips celebrates the local food scene by adding their signature chilli crab sauce to the dish. If you didn't think fish and chips could get any better, think again.

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