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Dish Of The Day: Chilli Crab Pasta

Dish of the day: chilli crab pasta

Everyone has their favourite place to pick up some chilli crab pasta, from fancy restaurants to hawker stands. As one of nation's favourite foods, it makes sense that it's one of the most ordered dishes at The Quarters restaurant.

It's hard to get this dish right, but the chefs here have had plenty of practice. They use a linguine base to twist sauce and crab meat into the pasta, adding herbs and spices along the way. Don't wait to start eating – once you've tasted the special chilli crab sauce, you'll be happy you dug in.

What's in chili crab pasta?

Freshly caught crab meat is key. Luckily there are plenty of places to get amazing seafood in Singapore, and The Quarters only stocks the freshest of goodies. The locally sourced crab complements the linguine in both texture and taste, and the pasta returns the favour by absorbing the multitude of flavours in the spicy (but not too spicy) chilli crab juice.

The dish is then stylishly finished with the chef's choice of light vegetables or herbs for a dish that looks almost too appetising to tuck in to. But please do – its signature zing is certainly something to remember.

Where did it come from?

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Singapore is the undisputed home of the chilli crab pasta. Today it's listed as one of Singapore's national dishes by the National Tourism Board. However, the recipe isn't actually that old.

In 1956, a woman named Cher Yam Tian and her husband Lim Choo Ngee sold fried crabs with tomato-chilli sauce out of a pushcart. This was the first time anything close to our modern version really caught people's attention – and it's endured ever since.

It's about the experience

You've probably had some great chilli crab in your time, but The Quarters' rendition of the much-loved dish is dressed to the nines and ready to impress.

Ma Jie's Indulgence is The Quarters' take on the chilli crab pasta dish, which will – according to the menu – 'get you feeling fabulous'. We think they mean the rush of endorphins you'll get from a one-two kick of chilli and carbs. Tender crab meat, a hearty sauce and al dente pasta come together in a sticky, sumptuous mix, proving that sometimes the simple things in life are the best. It's shiok on a plate.  

Indulge like Ma Jie with your own plate of chilli crab pasta, available now on Deliveroo.

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