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Dish Of The Day: Burrito

Dish of the day: burrito

There's nothing better than a good burrito. A wrapped-up parcel of ready-to-go delights, it's one street food favourite that is here to stay. And we love these Mexican wonders here in Singapore, with places like Mexout, Baja Fresh and Muchos serving them filled to the brim and ready to please.

From Mexico to San Francisco

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Oddly enough, our modern-day burrito is different to its Mexican grandad. Instead of a giant tortilla bursting with all sorts of goodies, traditionally you'd get a far smaller and slimmer affair, with just meat and perhaps some beans. Instead, the burrito we all know and love comes from slightly farther north – San Francisco.

The hungry folk of San Fran took the humble Mexican burrito and did what Americans did best – supersizing it, stuffing it full of rice and salads to the point where it needed to be wrapped in foil to keep it all together. You might need a second hand to help you hold it, too.

Little donkeys with a big kick

Burrito in Spanish means 'little donkey', and they got this adorable name from when their supposed inventor, Juan Mendez, used his donkey to cart around his wrapped tortillas in the early 20th century. Since then, they've got bigger, better and bolder.

Whether you want tender carnitas or smoky grilled steak – or you choose to go vegetarian with crispy peppers – there's a burrito for everyone. It's hard to resist the temptation of a hot wrap filled to bursting with fragrant rice, earthy refried beans, and succulent meat and veg, all topped off with zingy salsas. And it's the salsas that make it sing – perhaps you'll go for a mild but tangy salsa verde, or if you're a chilli-head then go for something like a fruity and fiery habanero. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

Get the burrito rolling

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Out by the Marina Bay is one of our favourite burrito joints, Mexout – they've got Mexican street food down to a fine art. If you're feeling bold, then why not give their Ultimate Burrito a go? It's got a double portion of juicy steak that's marinated in a rich spice mix before being flash-grilled, and comes with fresh green guacamole, cooling sour cream, and gooey cheese.

Mixing and matching your way to the perfect burrito is half the fun, and over at Baja Fresh, you can do just that. Take your pick between spicy chicken, steak, fish, grilled shrimp, carnitas or vegetables. There's even an option to have your burrito served enchilada-style — doused in a rich, spicy tomato and chilli sauce, and topped with melty grilled cheese.

Muchos takes a similar approach to their burritos, offering up a build-your-own version. You'll find the all the usual suspects here – beef, chicken or pan fried vegetables – but we just love the grilled prawns. This main event goes a treat with their green spinach rice and rich red salsa rojo — and you can spice things up a bit with fiery jalapeño peppers.

Wrapped up, the burrito's made to travel, and Deliveroo can bring one straight to your door.

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