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Dish Of The Day: Buffalo Wings

Dish of the day: buffalo wings

Succulent, spicy and moreish – that's the buffalo wings way. They may be little, but they're full of fierce flavour – and whether they're barbecued or fried, the meat is so tender it falls right off the bone.

Served smothered in sauce, buffalo chicken wings are that one dish you don't mind getting dirty for. There's no delicate way to tuck into your wings, so it's best to just get stuck in. At Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill, your wings are served up in their signature hot sauce. Angels 'N' Cowboys' wings are so good they do them by the dozen, and at Smokeys BBQ, they come jumbo style.

By the platter, or something on the side

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Also known simply as chicken wings, buffalo wings are famous in American-style diners and restaurants. Often served solo or with an additional cooling sauce to balance out the heat, these little beauties typically come with varying levels of spice.

And the best thing about buffalo wings? The option to have them with every meal. Because these little delights aren't just served in one single way. Start, side, or main, they work every time – though maybe not for dessert.

An all American classic

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Legend has it that this fiery US feast was started in the 1960s in Buffalo, New York at the Bellissimo family's Anchor Bar. Rustled up as an impromptu snack from what was left in the cupboards, one thing's for sure – chicken wings tossed in hot sauce soon became a sure-fire hit across the US.

Now an international sensation, buffalo wings are still served up with that same trademark combination. Because when something works, it works. Something Angels 'N' Cowboys absolutely agrees on. Simply choose your heat, a half dozen or full, and let them do the rest.

How hot is hot?

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At Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill they go all out with their house hot sauce. Have your heat at three different levels – The Good (hot), The Bad (hotter) or The Ugly (hottest). But don't sweat it, they serve wings the traditional American way, so you've got celery and carrot sticks and a blue cheese sauce to cool you down.

But Smokeys BBQ make their wings super-sized, so they're big enough to enjoy as a main or sharing with your buds. They also mix things up with their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, also known as their 'buffalo wings for the lazy' – a juicy grilled chicken breast, tossed in their classic buffalo wing sauce and drizzled with homemade blue cheese dressing.

To get tender, juicy buffalo wings dripping in sauce delivered to your dining table, order now through Deliveroo.

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