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Dish Of The Day: Bacon Cheeseburger

Dish of the day: bacon cheeseburger

No doubt about it, burgers are great. But they quickly ramp up from great to awesome with the addition of two little toppings – bacon and cheese.

And every brilliant burger joint has its own take, to turn up the taste just a bit more. At Burger Office, you'll find a two-cheese version, Burger Joint New York offer a single or a double, and Omakase Burger serve up the staple or an amped-up alternative.

A perfect patty with cheese and bacon

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When it comes to the bacon cheeseburger, you've got only got three key ingredients to get right. But don't be fooled, it's not an easy eat to take on. Ideally, the burger patty will be tender but juicy and full of flavour. Only prime ground beef will do. Then, it's time to take care of the toppings.

The perfect pairing of cheese and bacon can be a match made in heaven. At Burger Office, you're hit with a cheese double whammy to make sure the taste is on point. Rich cheddar is stacked with melted mozzarella for the ultimate creamy combination. When partnered with bacon, pickles and barbecue sauce on top, there's an unbeatable mix of sweet, salty and smoky.

The 20s staple

Hamburgers are an American staple. Loaded with cheese, topped with bacon and stuffed in a bun, that US classic comes alive. As a popular food from the late 20s, the history of the cheeseburger creation is blurred. But whoever first topped that tender patty with a slice of cheese deserves a medal.

Now an international sensation, the cheeseburger is elevated even further when bacon is added to the formula. As one of the most popular topping combinations in burger joints around the world, the bacon-cheese choice is also fun to customise. Burger Joint New York offer theirs as a single or double patty, and give the option of heating things up with some jalapeño on top too.

Keep it simple or go gourmet

When you know you're in the mood for an iconic bacon cheeseburger, half the battle is deciding how to have it. Should you stick to the signature stack, or go for something more exciting? For times when you want something special, go gourmet.

Omakase Burger know a little about options. Not only do the serve up the classic bacon cheese combination topped with grilled onions and mushrooms, but they have an elegant alternative too. The Applewood Bacon Cheeseburger is topped with American cheese, but the bacon is smoked in natural hardwood to give it an extra savoury edge.

Whether you want a bacon cheeseburger as a lazy lunch or to feast on with friends, pick a place and place your order with Deliveroo.

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