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We don’t want none unless you’ve got Dim Sum (hun)

Got Dim Sum?

The weather has been a bit unpredictable to say the least. Just when we thought we were going to enjoy long cold nights with air conditioned temperatures, the sun is back and the heat is on. We all let out a collective sigh of disappointment. One thing that remains consistent however, is the satisfaction when we take the lid off a steaming hot dim sum steamer basket, and see the steam waft out revealing a succulent pair of har-kaw looking back at us seductively.

Here are some of our favourite dim sum choices available on Deliveroo.

Crystal JadeDeliveroo

Siao over Xiao Long Bao.

We're quite protective over our Dim Sum. When video teaching us 'How to eat Xiao Long Bao' circulated over Facebook teaching people to let the soup flow into the spoon, we were up in arms. We know that the true joy comes from letting the warm, delicious soup burst in your mouth as you eat it.

Which is why we can't help but love Crystal Jade's Xiao Long Bao, some of the best and most succulent in in Singapore. Order it here on Deliveroo!

Kimly Dim Sum


Siew Mai Mayhem.

Some of the most popular Dim Sum around is Siew Mai. You find it in your convenience stores as well as high end restaurants, which could only mean one thing. Everyone loves Siew Mai.

This small, yellow bite-sized wrap filled with pork and shrimp has captured the hearts of Dim Sum lovers all over. Coming in a set of 3, it's perfect for sharing. Or if you're feeling just a little hungrier, you can have it all for yourself!

Get Siew Mai and other Dim Sum delights from Kimly Dim Sum on Deliveroo!

Peach GardenDeliveroo

Liu Sha Bao Love.

These were all the rage a while back, and for good reason. It's of course, everyone's favourite Liu Sha Bao, filled with salted egg custard.

Biting into a piping hot salted egg custard bun and letting delicious custard burst forth has to be one of the best food feelings known to mankind. (Even if it is a bit messy). With Peach Garden's Creamy Custard Bun, you will be guaranteed tasty and decadent custard wrapped in a pillow-soft bun, all for your own indulgence.

Get some Creamy Custard Buns from Peach Garden on Deliveroo today!

Paradise DynastyDeliveroo

Just another Radish Pastry in Paradise.

While certainly not the first thing we think about when we say Dim Sum (more popular favourites like Char Siew Bao and Siew Mai comes to mind), the Radish Pastries from Paradise Dynasty are a specialty, recommended by the chefs who made them. You're in for a treat. Specifically, a tasty and moist radish filling is wrapped up in fluffy and crispy pastry, making this a must-try for the Dim Sum lover.

Get radish pastries and more from Paradise Dynasty on Deliveroo!

Tim Ho WanDeliveroo

Dan Tart Delight.

Here you'll find some of Singapore's best Dim Sum, coming all the way from Hong Kong to our sunny shores. It's no secret that Tim Ho Wan boasts a Michelin Star, winning the hearts (and tastebuds) of critics and foodies all over. We're no different.

Which is why you can't ignore some iconic Hong Kong Dim Sum favourites, such as Tim Ho Wan's Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts. With creamy egg custard nestled comfortably in the middle of some delectable pastry, this traditional dessert (or appetiser) is definitely a Dim Sum delicacy.

Order Tim Ho Wan from Deliveroo!

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