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  2. Custard is a creamy classic - here are our fave Singapore desserts featuring the sauce!
Custard based desserts that will leave you craving more

Custard is a creamy classic - here are our fave Singapore desserts featuring the sauce!

Have you ever stopped to think about how many awesome things you can do with custard? Luckily plenty of dessert places across Singapore have, so we're just going to take a few seconds to thank them for it. Custard is a classic made from milk and eggs and it goes with just about everything (especially all things delicious and sweet). Whether you're craving some good old-fashioned chocolate pudding or something that at least feels a little less naughty made with fruit, there's bound to be a custard-based treat to do the trick. So let's see what Singapore has got, shall we?

1. Creme Brulee - Paul

Creme Brulee is often referred to as "burnt cream", because when you look at this indulgent treat, that's essentially what it is! At Paul, they follow the traditional recipe to the letter, consisting of a rich and smooth creamy custard which is then topped with a contrasting and crystallised layer of caramelised sugar. It's so sweet that once you've finished, you'll fancy brushing your teeth, but it's also unbelievably worth it for its incredible taste.

2. Lavender Earl Grey Cake - Flor Patisserie

How many different flavours of cake can you think of? We can guarantee it's probably not as many as Flor Patisserie, even if you have all day. Perhaps it's not just the quantity of cakes they have on their menu, it's more about the fact that the cakes they're offering are that little bit different. The Lavender Earl Grey is not the exception here, and its unique flavouring is evident from the name. It's got an earl grey tea soaked sponge with lavender cream, and then the entire thing is finished off with a spot of custardy goodness. Yum!

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3. Durian Custard Pie - April's Bakery

You either love it or you hate it - durian is a controversial fruit, that's for sure. With its pairing with custard pie at April's Bakery, we're not sure what there's not to like. The durian fruit is regarded in many parts of Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits", and we reckon this pie is indeed fit for a king. Sure, the aroma can be strong - but we reckon that just intensifies this dessert's unique taste.

4. Chocolate Pudding - The Marmalade Pantry

It's a sweeping statement, but we're just going to come out and say it. There's probably not one person on this planet who doesn't enjoy the taste of an amazing chocolate pudding. These days there's one for everyone - whether vegan, low-fat or even gluten-free. At The Marmalade Pantry, the chefs are sticking to the classics but also building upon them, and we're seriously into it. Instead of ordinary chocolate, they made their ganache espresso flavoured. And instead of plain custard, there's vanilla. Plus, there's a handful of fresh berries to go along with it, making this treat a flavour-fixated diner's dream.

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