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  2. Want a unique cafe in Singapore? Don't worry, these are quirky and creative as they come!
Want a creative cafe in Singapore? Deliveroo has plenty!

Want a unique cafe in Singapore? Don't worry, these are quirky and creative as they come!

Who doesn't love the comforts of a great local cafe? In Singapore, you're in luck, because the cafes here are as creative as they come. No matter whether you're simply wanting to grab a drink or perhaps indulge in something special to kick-start your day, cafes are there for you in this almost casual way that other places are not. However, the market is full of them - so many have lost their spark. These cafes are a little different to the norm, and they're ready to deliver you breakfast, dinner and lunch.

1. The one with a Harry Potter theme

Themed cafes are making waves across Asia and indeed across the world. For the ultimate Harry Potter fan in Singapore, there's Platform 1094, which is based on the franchise itself. It may not have the powers of Platform 9 and 3/4, but everything about this place is still truly magic. If you're heading there, we recommend ordering Elf's Dream. This delicious smoothie may well be made by muggles, but it is said that the ingredients - orange, ginger, pineapple and ginger - all have healing properties. Sure, there's no mandrake or phoenix tears like in the movies, but we'd give them their NEWTS and OWLS in Potions and Herbology, anyway!

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2. The one that's obsessed with Europe

Whether you're a European expat or you just dream of going someday, there's no denying that it's a continent with loads of food. To save you the trip, Laurent's Cafe has dotted their menu with dishes that highlight the delicious treats you can get there. While there's plenty to be excited by from Italian to French, it's the unique Scandinavian offerings which have captured our hearts. You need to try the Nordic Sandwich on sourdough bread, featuring salmon that's actually Norwegian - no imitations, here! 

3. The one that lives just for eggs

Not a fan of egg? This is not the place for you. For everyone who isn't inexplicably opposed to great things, Hatched on Holland Ave is ready to serve you eggs made every which way. We think their dedication deserves shouting about - because it's just so unique. Our fave offering is probably Popeye's Salute, because we love their nod to the protein-based theme. It's got creamed spinach (of course) in addition to poached eggs and mornay sauce. There's barely a dish on the menu which doesn't feature them, so it's best not to click if you're just going to write "no egg please" in the instruction box!

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4. The one that's a complete meat-free zone

Vegetarians and vegans can rejoice - the meat-free lifestyle is now on the rise so much that ordering in is no longer an issue. Veg Cafe isn't the first pushing the cruelty-free message, but we love how they're managing to make dishes without meat seem so appealing. For something you might not have tried before, you'll want to give the Vegan Fish Burger a go. It's pushing the boundaries of vegan cuisine and what cruelty-free food should be. We really don't know how they do it - and it's so tasty that real fish lovers will absolutely love it too!

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