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Creative Lunchboxes to Spice Up your Next Lunch Break

Creative lunchboxes to spice up your next lunch break

Making a packed lunch doesn't need to consist of a dull sandwich and a snack, and you needn't be bored of your lunchtime choices. Adding some flair to your lunchbox isn't difficult, so let's take a look at these creative lunch options to inspire your next meal.


Singapore-based Greendot makes beautifully designed lunches for adults brimming with wholesome fruits and vegetables that look almost too good to eat. Their food is exclusively vegetarian and delicious at very affordable prices. What's more, their dishes are presented beautifully, the rice bowls and noodle dishes look so good it'll take a little while for you to choose what to eat! Get creative and play with your food a little to really kick it up a notch - one customer, Karen Hoh, has demonstrated her own fun food design below. Order some now and give it a go yourself!

Where: Greendot, The Star Vista, Singapore

2.A Poke Theory

Poke Bowls are becoming increasingly popular across Singapore. "Life's too short for bad food" is the mantra of A Poke Theory - and boy, do they stick to it. All of the ingredients used for these Hawaiian poke bowls are organic and nutritious so that you get the healthiest possible meal. What's more, you can choose your own ingredients to suit your tastes, and even have fun with your poke bowl and get creative with styling it! They also serve smoothie bowls for those with a sweet tooth or just as a great breakfast option, as well as fresh squeezed raw juices to wash it all down with. Get your order on to experience these colourful, vibrant and delicious meals on your next lunch break!

Where: A Poke Theory, Boon Tat Street, Singapore


Afterglow is an establishment which oozes aesthetic, and their food is no exception. The dishes here are prepared to look very appealing as well as taste delicious. With a range of colourful and tasty options on the menu, each of them is served looking so pretty, it's almost hard to tuck in! They serve Asian-fusion dishes which are pleasing to any palate, and their meals are filling and wholesome. Start off with their yummy kimchi nori rolls make with seven-day fermented kimchi, and move onto their Saigon Rolls bento box served with Jicama Fries, which is packed with avocado, carrots, beetroot, cashews, romaine lettuce, Cajun spices and dates for a delicious taste of the rainbow!

A post shared by afterglow_sg (@afterglow_sg) on

Where: Afterglow, Keong Saik Road, Singapore

4.Guzman Y Gomez

If you're in the mood for Mexican this lunchtime, check out Guzman Y Gomez. They serve a great range of amazing Mexican meals such as burritos, nachos and tacos. For a tasty and beautifully presented meal, try out one of their burrito bowls. Each burrito bowl is packed full of tasty goodies and so full of colours and flavours, you will be left truly impressed. Take on their Spicy Grilled Chicken burrito bowl if you can handle the burn, which is served with succulent marinated chicken fillets which are chargrilled and seasoned with spicy Mexican chillies to really kick off your lunch break!

Where: Guzman Y Gomez, Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore

We hope that these lunchboxes have inspired you to shake up your lunch breaks with healthy and delicious designs that will earn you compliments across the office, and if you have kids they will fast become the most popular in the playground! Want to try making your own fun lunchboxes? Order your meal on Deliveroo and get crafting!

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