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Super Soups to Enjoy in Singapore

Super soups to enjoy in Singapore

Let's talk about soup. For some, it's just the first course before they get down to the serious business of eating the main course. But that's to ignore what a great and versatile meal it can be in itself. Whether you go for the noodle-filled styles that feature in Thai cuisine or prefer more traditional Western types of soup, it can be a quick and easy way to eat or, more precisely, to drink, at any time of day.

The melting pot of Singapore means that there's a truly international range of soups to choose from and here are five of the tastiest you'll find.

1.The Soup Spoon Union

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

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The Soup Spoon Union is where to go if you want to enjoy one of the most traditional varieties of soup there is. It's a fall classic when the pumpkins that have been ripening in the fields are ready for harvest to be transformed into this creamy and warming bowlful with just a hint of spice. While it may not be exactly native to Singapore, for many of the expats living here, it's a tasty and comforting reminder of home.

2.Koat Aroy Thai

Tom Yum Seafood Soup


Thai cuisine is almost as famous for its soups as it is for all of its other dishes – and the Tom Yum is one of the most famous of all. Hot and spicy with a sharpness to it too, the version that they make at Koat Aroy Thai is packed with succulent fresh seafood in a delicious thin broth – and to turn it into a truly substantial meal there's also the choice of having it with rice or noodles too.

3.The Soup Restaurant

Double-boiled Dried Scallops and Black Chicken Soup

One of The Soup Restaurant's specialities is double boiling the ingredients to really bring out their flavour and their double-boiled dried scallops and black chicken soup is a great example of how effective this is. The combination of seafood and chicken mean it's a protein-packed soup that's great for lunch or dinner. For an even more health-giving version, try their ginseng and abalone variety instead.



While there are many stories about the origins of laksa and whether its roots lie in China, Malaysia or Indonesia, it's a universally popular dish which some think is a soup but others believe is a noodle meal. The very best examples, such as the version served at Pappamia, are more like a hearty soup which achieves the perfect balance of salty and mild, sweet and sour but with a distinctively spicy kick to it

5.Gaia Korean Restaurant

Ginseng Chicken Soup

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Here's a soup that's surely going to do you a power of good. That's thanks to the health-giving properties of the ginseng root, which is combined with all the goodness of chicken poached in the light broth. It's a classic Korean speciality and this version of it is made to the Gaia Korean Restaurant's own special recipe.

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