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  2. Curb that craving with one of Singapore’s divine chocolate puds
Curb That Craving With One of Singapore’s Divine Chocolate Puds

Curb that craving with one of Singapore’s divine chocolate puds

Most of us can't get away from chocolate. But when you're at home, how often would you go to the trouble of whipping up a chocolate-based dessert to satisfy that craving you have?

With so many different eateries in Singapore having tempting chocolate puds on their menus, you don't need to seek out recipe inspiration. Just flick through Deliveroo's dessert choices to find what your taste buds desire.

1. Chocolate Origin

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If it's someone's birthday - or even if it's not, and you just want to make their day - why not surprise them by ordering an individual chocolate cake to be delivered to their desk? For an out and out chocolate lover, you can't go wrong with one of the whole cakes at Chocolate Origin. The Original is their signature truffle cake, which features 55% Belgian chocolate. And for those people who like dark chocolate, choose the Dark Whole Cake, which is made using 73% Belgian chocolate.

Of course, these 6" cakes are big enough to share, but then again, we wouldn't blame you for ordering one to eat all by yourself!

2. Temptation Cakes

For those of us who prefer chocolate with a lighter touch, than the Signature Etoile Chocolate Mousse cake from Temptation Cakes is the perfect choice. It's a great dessert to follow a meal, or just to have with afternoon tea or coffee. Built up in layers of bittersweet Belgian chocolate mousse next to layers of moist chocolate cake, it's already divine. And then the whole thing is covered in chocolate ganache, nuts and gold chocolate flakes to turn it into a shining star of a cake. A slice of decadent sweetness whenever you need it!

3. Teuscher

Created from a recipe that dates back to 1947, the Teuscher Champagne Truffle is a chocolate you have to try at least once in your life. The trouble is that once won't be enough! Perfect for an after-dinner bite of something sweet, order The Original 1947™ Champagne Truffles, eight in dark chocolate and eight in milk chocolate. Each truffle contains a centre of Dom Perignon champagne cream enclosed in a chocolate ganache. Dark truffles are dipped in dark chocolate and finished with cocoa powder, whilst milk truffles have a milk chocolate coating and are then rolled in confectioner's sugar. This is a dessert that's definitely for sharing - eating them all yourself might be a little too much!

4. Ben & Jerry's

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You can't have a list of chocolate puddings without including some ice-cream! While we might make do with a scoop or two of chocolate ice-cream out of the freezer, why not order a Ben & Jerry's Shake? For those who like chocolate, the only choice has to be Addicted To Chocolate, available at the Ben & Jerry's Harbourfront store. In this shake, you'll get two of your favourite flavours - Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Therapy merged together in a delicious blend. Enjoy!

5. El Tardeo

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Chocolate features in most cuisines around the world, and Spanish cooking pays homage to chocolate too. At El Tardeo, you might pick a classic chocolate dessert such as the Tarta de Chocolate. Alternatively, go for a Spanish street food tradition and order Churros con Chocolate. You'll get four freshly-fried churros (doughnut sticks) and some delicious chocolate sauce to dip them in.

Whatever chocolate treat you're in the mood for, don't deny yourself the pleasure. Order it now and Deliveroo will bring it to your door.

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