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Singapore's Most Indulgent Coffees Will Have You Skipping Dessert

Pure Indulgence – Hot Drinks to Make You Forget the Weather

The final few months of the wet season can begin to take their toll. You're ready for some sunshine and you can't wait for the humidity to vanish and for the weather – and you! – to feel like normal again. Sometimes you just want to stay inside, watch the rain and switch on your favourite movie. Cosy huh? But what if it could be even cosier? Singapore's greatest coffee shops have come up with the ultimate way to indulge without going to the lengths of having a dessert. If you haven't dipped a toe into the world of comfort coffees yet, follow us as we take you on a luxurious journey into your cosiest dream.

1. Dapper Coffee – Gula Melaka Latte

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If you've never tried Gula Melaka before, you're in for a treat, especially if you're looking for a new dessert. The sweet coconut palm sugar is legendary in Malaysia and tastes like smoked caramel. Dapper Coffee is a coffee shop that has used this mythical ingredient to create one of their greatest coffees, the Gula Melaka Salted Caramel Latte. Paired with Dapper's expertly sourced and roasted coffee, the smokiness of the gula melaka complements the roasted coffee for a comforting treat that will make you forget about the rain.

2. Senate Coffee – Valrhona Chocolate

If the idea of coffee is already giving you the jitters, you might prefer a Valrhona Chocolate from Senate. Valhrona chocolate is made in the wine district of Hermitage in Lyon, France. When it's combined with steaming milk, the silky chocolate drink is enough to perk up any gloomy afternoon – no caffeine but you get to soak up the coffee time atmos all the same. Snuggle up with a blanket and watch the rain fall as you binge watch your favourite show and enjoy some liquid chocolate goodness.

 3. Percolate – Hot Ginger Latte

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It might not be that cold outside, but the rain can sure make it feel as though you're in the deep depths of winter. Let's pretend for a second that there are four feet of snow outside: what could be more warming than a spicy ginger latte from Percolate? Ginger is a great pick me up and has loads of great healing properties, while the nostalgic wintery tastes will easily revive the most downbeat of souls. Percolate (which means to filtrate) pride themselves on great coffee and rest assured the added ginger serves to bring out the complex flavours of their roast.

4. Jewel Coffee – Affogato

The Affogato at Jewel Coffee is a beverage and dessert all in one. Think of it as a turbo Italian milkshake. If you have had affogato before, you'll be familiar with the ice cream/hot coffee dessert/drink and how it melts in your mouth. Jewel Coffee have added an extra dimension with crunchy crumbled biscuit and, while some may contest that this is in fact a dessert, we maintain it's a drink that deserves to be enjoyed at any time of day.

If you fancy a little indulgence and can't wait to watch the rain from behind your delicious coffee, head on over to Deliveroo for more.

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