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Your Local Hawker Centre has the Best Comfort Food in Singapore

The best comfort food Singapore’s hawker centre and street food stalls have to offer

Singapore's hawker centre and street food offerings can be beaten by no one. No matter what you fancy, chances are you'll find it in a hawker centre - in fact, with so many notch dishes on offer, it won't be an easy choice! To help you decide what you fancy eating, we've found four Asian fusion and traditional Chinese comfort dishes available from Singapore's best hawker centre stalls that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

1. Mandarin Chicken Rice

Let's begin with arguably the best comfort food that Asian fusion has to offer: chicken rice. With so many varieties, there's sure to be something you fancy, especially if you're checking out the menu at Chatterbox. There, you'll find Mandarin Chicken Rice, the Hawker bar's famous Hainanese dish with tender boiled chicken, jasmine rice and their incredibly tasty soy sauce, all topped off with expertly balanced chilli and ginger. It may seem a simple dish, but it packs such a strong flavour that we're sure you'll be back for more.

2. Kaya-Butter Toast

Of course, comfort food isn't necessarily something you eat just because you're hungry or to feel full. Sometimes you just need that little extra warm food to keep you going through the day and you better believe Singapore's Hawker centres have plenty of this to go around. AlibabaR The Hawker Bar certainly does, with plenty of traditional local toast dishes and hot sandwiches on offer. Their Kaya-Butter Toast is particularly popular, served as two warm, browned slices of bread dripping in Kaya butter just waiting to be eaten. Do beware though, we can almost guarantee this dish will give you a sugar rush!

3. Fish Soup

No comfort food experience would be complete without soup. After all, soup is the first thing we go to eat when we're feeling under the weather and, when paired with bread, it can instantly become the ultimate filler. At Killiney Kopitiam, they've got more soup than you can shake a ladle at, fantastic news for anyone looking to heat up their day. One of their most popular dishes is the Fish Soup, a traditional meal that has been a favourite comfort food for millions throughout the decades. 

4. Teochew Braised Duck & Beancurd

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One of the main staples at any good Hawker Centre or street food festival is beancurd and few are tastier than the Teochew classic Braised Duck and Beancurd available from Chin Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine, a Chinese and stir-fry hawker bar. Whether you stick with just this or decide to order a variety of hawker bar treats to share with friends, we guarantee that this beancurd meal will leave you feeling completely satisfied and full. 

For even more Hawker Centre options, visit Deliveroo and see what street food can be delivered right to your door. 

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