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  2. From Chocolate Origin To Percolate - What Your Choice Of Chocolate Says About You
From Chocolate Origin To Percolate - What Your Choice Of Chocolate Says About You

From Chocolate Origin To Percolate - What Your Choice Of Chocolate Says About You

There's no doubt about it, chocolate is one if the greatest pleasures in life, whether you're a dedicated chocoholic or just like the occasional taste. There are lots of theories about just why it's so appealing. For example it's one of the few foods that melt at body temperature so popping it in your mouth proves to be an extra sensuous experience. It also releases endorphins into the brain to make you feel extra good in yourself. But most of all, it tastes fantastic whether you're enjoying it as a dessert or in a sumptuous cake like the ones made at Chocolate Origin in Singapore.

What is also interesting is what your choice of chocolate treat says about you. Do you like dark or milk, crave chocolate pudding or prefer to enjoy it as a drink? We've put on our chocotologist hats on to take a look at five chocolate treats from Singapore and what they say about the people who choose them.

1. Dark Whole Cake - Chocolate Origin

The rich, strong Dark Whole Cake from Chocolate Origin uses premium 73% Belgian chocolate so it's a taste for the sophisticated palate. They say it's for serious chocolate lovers but we'd say it's for serious people, period. Ones with hidden depths who know exactly what they want and how they are going to get it . . .

2. Chocolate Rainbow Cake - Nom Bistro & Bakery

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In quite a contrast, the Chocolate Rainbow Cake  – a big favourite at the Nom Bistro and Bakery – is a light and colourful sponge topped with a rich chocolate ganache. If this is top choice when you put in your order you seem quite serious on the surface but there's a fun personality waiting to be discovered as you dig a little deeper. It's still chocolate that makes you tick, though!

3. Charcoal Waffle - Double Scoops

You're something of an enigma if you go for Double Scoops' Charcoal Waffle. You obviously believe in taking a healthy approach to life – that's why you choose the charcoal waffle. But the addition of the maple pecan granola suggests that you like a little self indulgence and the white chocolate sauce means you never mind going against the flow if that suits you best.

4. Hot Chocolate - Percolate

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Anyone who orders the Hot Sesame Chocolate from Percolate has made the decision to enjoy a warming drink, something comforting and familiar. So it looks like you're a home-loving person who really values a strong sense of security. Let's be honest, from Percolate you can be sure your choice will pay off with this classic treat but there's always the option to add a sesame twist if you're feeling uncharacteristically brave.

5. Double Chocolate Blackout Cake - PS Café

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Our final selection from PS Café is obviously for people who want to get out and live life to the full. Why have one type of chocolate when you can have two? Double up on everything! This delectable cake is jam-packed with two kinds of chocolate and even comes with ice cream on the side. Real rocket fuel to help you to perform to the max!

What kind of chocolate lover are you? Why not start to discover with Deliveroo?

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