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Get Healthy With The Best Spinach Dishes In Singapore

Go Green And Get Lean – Spinach Is Conquering Foodie Hearts All Over Singapore

If you're craving some truly healthy (or healthy-adjacent) dining and looking to fill up on nutritious essentials, what better way to do it than with spinach? A vegetable known far and wide for its health benefits, spinach is a fantastic way to grab a few nutrients without completely falling off the diet wagon. With some of the most delicious spinach-based dishes from China, Thailand, Germany and many more just around the corner, get ready to wrap your hands around the best Singapore has to offer. Check out our guide to the tastiest spinach dishes near you.

 1. Superfood Salad - Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

With an exciting twist on savoury goods from across the globe, Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant offer a variety of traditional German dishes prepared with the best ingredients to provide a dining experience you won't forget. Their Superfood Salad is healthy eating at its finest: baby spinach and creamy avocado slices are mixed with sweet blueberries, mandarin oranges, crumbled feta cheese and topped off with a blend of mixed nuts to bring together a blissful collection of tastes and textures. This fantastic fusion of fruits and vegetables is guaranteed to have you coming back for more. A must-try for any super-food fanatic.

2. Cannelloni Spinachi - Modesto's

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Returning to a timeless dish enjoyed worldwide, the Cannelloni Spinachi is the first on our list of super-food fuelled bites. Over at Modesto's, customers are treated to exquisite Italian dishes prepared with passion and the finest ingredients. Making their own home-made pasta rolls and stuffing each one with a delicate combination of spinach and parmesan cheese, this is the ultimate Italian dining experience. Doused in fresh tomato and a heavenly cream sauce, then baked "al forno", this choice is guaranteed to tingle all your senses. Each bite is green, delicious and packed with nutritional value sure to lift your spirits and keep you on the go.

3. Fried Chinese Spinach - House Of Seafood

Next up on our list of spinach-packed delights is from House Of Seafood, a fantastic Chinese restaurant serving authentic and flavourful dishes from the East. The very popular Fried Chinese Spinach features our star ingredient stir-fried to a delightful crisp. You can also opt for the garlic stir-fry version for an added balance of wholesome tastes (and fewer calories). Make sure to try the Fried Chinese Spinach on your next order and keep the goodness coming!

4. Spinach Spanakopitta - Alati

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As one of the most popular cuisines enjoyed worldwide, Greek food has its own take on what it means to enjoy a healthy dining experience. If it's spinach you're after, then feast your eyes (and belly!) on the Spanakopitta, a gorgeous platter featuring home-made phyllo pies stuffed with spinach, leeks and feta cheese, then deep-fried to a golden crisp. Spanakopitta pairs marvellously with your favourite glass of wine for an evening of flavourful bliss! Proudly served the traditional way at Alati, shake things up with an order of these beauties and enjoy your night one crumbly nibble at a time.

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