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  2. Chicken And Rice Is A Match Made In Heaven With Singapore’s Best
Chicken And Rice Is A Match Made In Heaven In Singapore

Chicken And Rice Is A Match Made In Heaven With Singapore’s Best

It's time to shake things up and ditch those overdone meals you've had one too many of this week. Kick things up a notch and enjoy a twist on that classic combo that always hits the spot: chicken rice!

Fantastic combinations from all over China and across Asia inspire incredible recipes prepared right here in town just waiting to be devoured. Allow our guide to the best Singapore has to offer to lead you towards that ultimate bowl of chicken rice perfect for any time.

1. Fried Rice with Baby Abalone & Diced Chicken - Crystal Jade Restaurant

Starting off with one of Singapore's most famous Korean restaurants, Crystal Jade serves up an incredible menu with dishes guaranteed to impress. If you're really looking to venture outside your comfort zone and explore something delightfully unique, then the fried rice with baby abalone and diced chicken is the way to go. Featuring a combination of mini abalones - a remarkably flavourful sea snail - cooked into a chicken rice combo, this dish will definitely blow your mind! The next time you get an itch for some exotic flavours, be sure to try Crystal Jade's and experience one of Singapore's most authentic Korean chicken 'n' rice!

2. Fried Brown Rice and Jasmine Rice with Diced Seafood and Salted Egg Yolk  - Peach Garden

Down at Peach Garden, China's most favoured dishes are served piping hot and on demand offering the best of Chinese cuisine whenever you get a craving. For a twist on your go-to Chinese top choice, the fried rice with diced seafood and salted egg yolk is as divine as it gets. Freshly fried rice, mixed with seafood and topped with a perfectly salted runny egg yolk - the flavours combine to create a rich and exquisite taste unlike any rice dish you've tried before. A great way to keep things exciting. Do yourself a favour and raise the bar with your next order from Peach Garden.

3. Roasted Chicken Rice - Edmond Chicken Rice

Edmond Chicken Rice mixes fun with technique serving incredibly delicious grilled and steamed chicken rice dishes guaranteed to hit the spot. Prepared on request, a steamy bed of rice is mixed with freshly roasted chicken infusing a rich, chargrilled flavour into each bite. A healthier alternative to most chicken-rice combos, the roasted chicken option from Edmond Chicken Rice comes equipped with everything need to keep you on your feet.

4. Fried Rice with Eggs and Chicken - Fifth Season Tangra Chinese

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A champion among Chinese restaurants here in Singapore, Fifth Season Tangra Chinese never fails to impress. Without beating around the bush, their fried rice really means business. You can't go wrong when it comes to the Fried Rice with Eggs and Chicken. Featuring an aromatic fried Basmati rice tossed with a mixture of savoury soy sauce, pepper, ginger and garlic for the ultimate fusion of flavours you simply must try. Topped with a fried egg and of course all that glorious chicken, this hot spot makes good ol' chicken and rice a guaranteed success every time.

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