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  2. Fiery And Passionate Or Tranquil As You May Be When It Comes To Chicken Curry, Singapore Has It All
The Best Chicken Curry Dish in Singapore to Suit Your Personality

Fiery And Passionate Or Tranquil As You May Be When It Comes To Chicken Curry, Singapore Has It All

If there's one priceless dish that Asian cuisine offers the culinary world, it is without a doubt those mind-blowing bowls of traditional chicken curry. With flavours impossible to beat, we've matched up the best chicken curry dishes Singapore has to offer to different personality types to help you find the best fit. Inspired by Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese flavours, there's a dish for just about everyone.

Whether you have a passionate soul on the lookout for a new adventure or are the ultimate homebody down to kick back and relax… well, as they say – you are what you eat! Here are the most unique curry dishes on the market perfectly suited to your personality type.

1. Madras Curry for the Fiery, Passionate One

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Hailing in from the southern regions of India, the Madras Chicken Curry is a dish to be trifled with if you're an adventurer with a fire deep in your soul. Deliciously juicy chicken cuts are simmered in a savoury Madras curry base with tamarind, coconut milk and the chef's special blend of Indian spices to produce an incredibly wholesome traditional flavour. Add in a dash of chilli powder for an extra kick and you have a curry dish worthy of a strong, outgoing personality. Spice-lovers rejoice, this curry suits those who enjoy a challenge. A terrific curry to explore if you haven't yet done, be sure to order up your very own Madras Chicken Curry from Kurry Korner today.

2. Katsu Chicken Curry for the Tranquil Spirit

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Japan's very own version of curry has made quite a name for itself among comfort food aficionados worldwide. An all-time favourite offered at Tonkichi, the Chicken Katsu Curry is a timeless classic. Featuring a tempura-battered chicken fillet served under a heart-warming mild curry sauce and piled atop a mountain of steamy rice, this dish is perfect for a night in with your favourite book. The Chicken Katsu Curry is a fantastic variation to traditional chicken curry that delivers a delicious crunch to every soulful spoon. A true homebody's delight, this deeply indulgent curry is perfect to kick back with and enjoy, so get your comfort on and order in a bowl.

3. Massaman Curry for the Wild and Untamed

For those with an untamed spirit always on the hunt for something new and unique, ThaiExpress has the answer. The Massaman Curry is the perfect dish for those full of energy and constantly seeking a new thrill. Coconut milk is mixed with a red Thai curry paste and simmered with Massaman chicken to produce a light and fragrant flavour. A colourful dish suitable for anytime of the day, the Massaman Chicken Curry is the right meal for those wanting explore their wild palette. An adventure in its own right, enjoy your very own bowl served with a side of fresh, crispy pancakes to really mix things up!

4. Chicken Dry Curry Ramen for the Dedicated and Loyal

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Last but not least, we're in the Far East for our final curry dish. Allow us to present the Chicken Cutlet Dry Curry Ramen, one of China's very own chicken curry dishes guaranteed to boost your mood and keep you on your feet. With this sturdy choice, Xin Wang HongKong Café offers tender chicken cutlets tossed onto a bed of ramen noodles and drenched in a rich spice perfect for those dedicated to the exotic flavour of curry. Guaranteed to replenish your mind and soul – not to mention your reliable belly – the Chicken Cutlet Dry Curry offers a wonderful variation to satisfy your curry cravings. Available at Xin Wang HongKong Café, enjoy your own dish now and fuel up for your busy day ahead!

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