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  2. Four ways to find super you, simply by adding chia seeds into your daily routine
For Superfood and a Super You, Just Add Chia Seeds

Four ways to find super you, simply by adding chia seeds into your daily routine

There's something about eating well that makes us feel instantly better about ourselves and our lives. Getting this feeling is easier than ever as superfoods such as acai, avocado, blueberries and chia seeds are appearing in many of our favourite meals. The latter might be the easiest to put in any dish, so whether you're a vegetarian looking for more options or you simply want to add more superfoods to your daily routine, here are just four ways you can add chia seeds to your diet. 

1. Blended into your morning smoothie

With every passing year the breakfast smoothie increases in popularity and we totally get it. After all, what could be better than a nutritional breakfast you can eat on the way to work? Haakon Superfoods & Juice have added chia seeds to plenty of their breakfast smoothies, as well as to their smoothie bowls, so if you're looking for chia seeds on-the-go look, no further. Their speciality smoothie Choco Loco is a particularly healthy yet fun superfood option, with cocoa powder, skinny milk, chia seeds and some cheeky coconut ice cream if you'd like to add some naughtiness. 

2. Sprinkled on your lunch

With so many lunch options available, from superfood salads to protein-packed sandwiches, it should be pretty easy to come across a dish with a healthy sprinkling of chia seeds. For example, at Shake Farm the main ingredient in one of their popular Pita Pockets is the humble chia seed. Served with tuna chunks, chia seeds, a boiled egg, rocket and mama's spicy salsa, the Tunalicious has all the omega 3 and protein anyone could ever need. They also serve a number of smoothies packed full of chia seeds, too, and they go very well with any of mains on offer.

3. Included in your cold pressed juice

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Alternatively, if you've already hit your smoothie goals for the day, you could always accompany your meal with a nice Cold Pressed Juice. Over at Asian fusion restaurant Afterglow they serve plenty of options, including the Seasonal Mama Chia, a delicious chia seed drink with organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. Regardless of whether you're eating a light salad for lunch, a hearty salad for tea or anything in between, we're sure a chia seed-packed Cold Pressed Juice is sure to take the meal to the next level.

4. Featured in your dessert

Finally, it's time to treat yourself to a dessert. With a chia-seed-topped beauty, you're barely breaking your healthy routine at all and at Saladstop! there are two homemade, vegetarian and vegan desserts topped with chia seeds that any superfood lover is sure to adore. The Chia Puddings are made with soy milk, coconut cream and banana and you can choose between Mango and Strawberry flavours. But what really seals the tasty deal is the chia seed base that really brings this superfood delight to life.

For even more ideas on how you can pack more chia seeds into your daily routine, check out Deliveroo.

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