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  2. Singapore’s Cheese-fuelled Goodness For That After-meal Craving
Singapore’s Tasty Post-Meal Cheese Dishes

Singapore’s Cheese-fuelled Goodness For That After-meal Craving

Biscuit au Fromage, heavenly and delicious Camembert treats and platters packed with your favourite cheeses are just the beginning of some of the most drool-worthy treats, perfect after any meal. When that craving comes kicking, we've got you covered! From LeTAO to The Providore, we've assembled a guide to some of the tastiest cheesy desserts and dishes in the heart of Singapore that guarantee you'll instantly be hooked after the first bite. Ready to dig right into the fun and get your hands on some of the most mesmerising treats around? Check out our guide to the best of the best in Singapore.

1. Biscuit au Fromage for the fanciest of cheese-lovers

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First up on our quest to discover the cheesiest savoury desserts in town is none other than LeTAO, who specialise in an amazing assortment of baked goods that will keep you coming back for more. If it's cheese you're after, look no further than their very own Biscuit au Fromage. Taking the art of biscuits to a new level, these tasty nibbles feature a mix of gouda cheese and cheddar with the sweet addition of raisins and cashew nuts for the ultimate crunch. A wonderful take on a classic treat, LeTAO's Biscuit au Fromage is simply divine.

2. Camembert with Buttered Apples- how can you go wrong?

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Savoury dishes and desserts paired beautifully with the finest of wines is the name of the game at Wine Connection Cheese Bar. This magnificent restaurant flies in 40 divinely matured cheeses on a weekly basis! If you happen to find yourself craving something to keep those savoury and sweet desires at bay, look no further. The Camembert with Buttered Apples is a gorgeous treat that we just can't get enough of. Warm and creamy Camembert cheese is spread over buttered apple slices and sprinkled with cashew nuts for an extra indulgent crunch, making each slice better than the last. An absolute must-try, you'll be in a state of heaven once you get your hands on these savoury delights.

3. A heavenly airy Cheese Zuccoto for a new twist on traditional cheese

A Japanese-influenced patisserie specialising in unique and absolutely hypnotic cakes, traditional treats, tarts, savoury meals and much more, the Cheese Zuccoto at Flor Patisserie is up next on our cheesy must-tries. Cheese mousse made from the finest Australian cream is baked to perfection and served as a savoury after-dinner treat designed to deliver the ultimate end to your dining experience. Light, airy and melt-in-your-mouth good, this fun and tasty treat will hit the spot every time.

4. Can't decide? Go for a Cheese Platter!

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The Providore is known for their constant strive to ensure each plate to leave their kitchen is prepared with passion and ready to impress. With a fantastic variety of wines, nothing is more suited to end a delicious meal than their very own Cheese Platter. Importing a wide assortment of European cheeses from the finest independent producers around, the Cheese Platter comes equipped with artisanal cheeses and freshly-baked bread, as well as crackers to nibble. As a marvellous platter to indulge in, don't miss out on this beautiful spread and treat yourself to a savoury setting like no other.

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