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Lunch Hour - The Best Value Thai Food in Singapore

Cheap eats - Singapore's tastiest Thai lunches

Whether backpacking in Kho Phi Phi or partying the night away in the bright lights of Bangkok, plenty of Singaporeans have fond memories attached to Thailand. The fact that there are now more Thai restaurants in Singapore than you can shake a stick at suggests that plenty of Singaporeans have taken back with them a frenzied love for addictive and delicious Thai cuisine.

Even if you've never set foot in Thailand you can probably admit to suffering to serious cravings for a greasy pad Thai or a smooth, rich green curry from time to time, and if you're not too familiar with it then it's never too late to school yourself on Thailand's greatest culinary hits. One of Thai food's greatest attributes, in addition to the amazing taste, is how cheap you can generally get it for, and how the light nature of most dishes makes Thai food a stellar lunch choice. With that in mind, here's a round-up of Singapore's cheapest and tastiest Thai lunch meals, together with our best picks of restaurants to order them from!

1. Daily Bento Set - Lotus Thai

The ever-popular Lotus Thai is always busy at the lunch hour, a testament to the great deals to be found here. Their food is fresh and insanely affordable, with their winning dish in terms of sheer variety being their daily Bento Box offerings, which change regularly and are always crammed with a smorgasbord of Thailand's greatest hits. A typical box consists of hefty helpings of Pad Thai, alongside a juicy papaya salad and some crispy Thai fishcakes, all yours for just $13. Definitely the one to go for if you're looking for a crash-course in Thai cuisine.

2. Tao Hu Ka Prao Kai - Sawadee Thai Cuisine

Off to the slightly more stylish Sawadee now for authentic dishes served with some artistic flair. This sizzling meaty meal tends to come off as a bit of a mouthful for those unfamiliar with the Thai language, but this simple and traditional dish is a must for anyone looking to get a fix of those quintessentially Thai flavours. Essentially a stir-fry, this dish consists of fried basil, smoky minced pork and airy helpings of deep-fried bean curd, a deeply satisfying dish made even more so by that $15 price tag.

3. Chicken Satay - Rennthai

Bringing it back to the classics now with Rennthai's supremely satisfying chicken satay. Any Singaporean will be intimately familiar with this Indonesian classic, but the Thai version is equally unmissable. Globally, Satay is often misattributed to having originated in Thailand, meaning this offshoot of original satay has enjoyed a much greater degree of attention and affection than the real deal. That's not to say this one is undeserving, especially Rennthai's, which manages to get that renowned peanut sauce at just the right level of sweet and salty while offering up seriously generous helpings of this moreish classic as lunchtime, with six skewers going for just $14.

4. Thai Green Curry - Jai Thai

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We did say we were keeping it classic for the rest of this guide, meaning it would be negligent to miss out the world-renowned Thai Green Curry, with some of Singapore's best being served up at Jai Thai. You can get yours with either chicken, prawn, fish or beef (hint: go for the fish), in a monstrously large bowl emanating that aromatic scent of coconut and kafir which is just oh-so Thailand. Yours for a jaw-droppingly cheap $8 – we're not kidding.

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