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Build Muscle With Singapore’s Top 4 Pasta Dishes

Building Muscle Mass? Bulk Up With Singapore’s Healthiest Pastas

It's that time of year again – the holidays are winding down, the fridge is full, and our bellies are soft. Goodness knows it can be difficult to make it to the gym when you find yourself swamped with family events, parties and long weekend lie-ins, but fear not – We've got you covered. You do the exercise, we'll provide the food. From bulking to training to getting your protein fill, here's five of Singapore's greatest pasta dishes, packed full of all the nutrition and calories you could ever need: seafood pasta, vegetarian pasta, creamy, melty, meaty or plain – Singapore is bursting with options and opportunity from the bottom of the sea to the fresh blue sky.  

1. Pasta Aglio Olio

Nothing quite says pasta like a restaurant named Ministry of Pasta and Grill - and, whether you're eating in, taking out, or ordering, they live up to it to their fullest. The Ministry has got dishes for pre-workout, post-workout and everything in between, so get bulking on one of the most delicious pasta recipes of all time - Aglio Olio. A light dish of garlic, olive oil, chilli and salt, this simple classic is bound to fill you up by the end of the plate. Forget brain food. This is muscle food.

2. Ravioli di Salmone

Craving some sweet, sweet ravioli? Crave no more – Pastamania (the clue is in the name) have got the perfect dish on hand. Their Ravioli di Salmone is packed to bursting with scrummy salmon in a tangy cream sauce. Finish with a sprinkle of parmesan and this is one seriously irresistible plate of food. High in calories for all your bulking needs: it looks good, it tastes good, it is good. And, if that's not your thing, the mania menu has plenty of other options. Think Carbonara, Bolognese and Alfredo to go. Piping hot.

3. Spaghetti Pesto E Burrata

Like your pasta with a little punch? A cheesy tang? Try Pesto E Burrata from the brilliant kitchen minds at the Trattoria Cucina Italiano. Their creamy sphere of buffalo milk burrata and the herby flavour of fresh green pesto makes for a delicious combination of sauces. This is one seriously tasty serving of pasta that's certain to fill up the tank. If you're looking for calories, go no further. Dense and tasty, it serves for all your bulking needs.  

4. Arrabiata

Not so keen on a meaty dish? Not to worry, there's plenty of veggie pasta options with just as much kick and fuel for your bulking as the carnivorous alternative. How about a wickedly tasteful Arrabiata? The Marmalade Pantry offers up exactly that. A spicy, colourful dish all brought together by a classic Arrabiata sauce: garlic, fresh tomato, red chilli and olive oil. Be kind to your taste buds and let them in on this flavour sensation.

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