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Budget Doesn't Mean Boring - Grab a Set Lunch and Save a Bunch!

Get a set lunch to save a bunch - these are the most scrumptious Singapore street food staples

There are plenty of ways to save money on food in Singapore. From a set lunch to street food, the things you want to eat can come at a fraction of the cost you might imagine! Street food itself is prevalent all over the place, offering you exactly what you might be craving. From crispy foods to fried treats, curries, breads, meats and rice, there will be something affordable - and, more importantly, delicious - for your midday meal.

1. Roti

Roti is a staple of Indian cuisine and we're so glad it's made its way over here. The flatbread is unassuming yet awesome and formed from the dough of stoneground wholemeal flour. It goes perfectly with a curry - seriously, just dip it in to see for yourself. In Singapore, Indian food is a big deal in a big way and The Roti Prata House is a great place to start to experience it. They're experts in fusion food, offering a Roti John in a variety of flavours that merge the best parts of Indian and Singaporean street foods. These omelette sandwiches are a must-try and we reckon you opt for the Mushroom one. It's a meal in itself!

2. Curry Puffs

We reckon a curry puff is the ultimate snack. As these babies are bite-sized, they're great for eating when you're in a rush or on the go - that's probably why they work so well as street food. Small food comes at small prices and that's certainly true when you order from Selegie Soyabean. Don't worry, there's absolutely no compromise when it comes to quality and you'll find that their Potato Curry Puffs will go down a real treat. 

3. Satay

When talking satay, there's really only one question that should be on your lips - what kind will you get? There's an array of options across Singapore and we're sure you'll love them all. That said, you can't beat a classic: Tigafolks & Co. Satay & Grill are known for their Chicken Satay and opting to order from here for lunch means spending the rest of the day satisfied. What makes these such good value is the portion sizes: ten sticks of chicken with peanut sauce and even a rice cake makes them pretty huge but not overbearing. Depending on your appetite, you may even want to share! Or on second thoughts, save some for your evening meal.

4. Murtabak

Murtabak is the most amazing kind of pancake out there - well, it's one of the most. The stuffed pancake is really popular in both Arabic and Asian nations, including on the Singapore streets. If you're feeling a craving, you can order one from Casuarina Curry. The Vegetarian With Cheese option is a top choice: packed full of veggies and cheesy, too - what more could you want?

5. A Set Lunch

Don't want to make a bunch of hard decisions? Have someone else do it for you. Thohirah Restaurant offers a lovely little set lunch menu that's ideal for enjoying with a friend. For a set price you can enjoy their Set A Lunch option, which will get you a fish head curry, two servings of plain rice and two pieces of tandoori chicken. A little bit of everything for not a lot of money!

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