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  2. Want the tastiest, craziest bagel Singapore can find? We've got four of them!
Four of the tastiest bagels on offer in Singapore

Want the tastiest, craziest bagel Singapore can find? We've got four of them!

It was the indulgent American eateries that came up with the concept of having a bagel piled sky high with toppings and now, Singapore restaurants are doing their best to top that! Bagels are actually pretty versatile in themselves - you can enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With the toppings getting crazier and crazier by the week, we think they're ideal sweet or savoury, at any time of day. Although plenty of restaurants are trying to outdo each other on creativeness, here are our top picks and faves!

1. Steak & Eggs Bagel - Two Men Bagel House

​There are an array of bagel choices at the Two Men Bagel House, but those of the "Legends" variety truly are living up to their name. The Steak & Eggs bagel is a legendary treat indeed, adding the popular breakfast of kings on top of a bagel for added taste. This isn't just any old steak and eggs combination however - this has a bit of an added kick thanks to shitake mushrooms and ginger scallion chimichurri. If you've had the latter before, you'll know it's super addictive. You won't be able to pick out the part of this dish that you like best!

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2. Bagel With Strawberry Cream Cheese - Sacha and Sons 

If something sweet is more up your street, allow us to introduce you to the Bagel With Strawberry Cream Cheese from Sacha and Sons. Bagels and cream cheese go together like ketchup and fries - and when you add some extra flavour into the mix, the taste reward is everything. Bagels don't always have to be savoury, as this awesome offering shows. For a classic combo with a little bit of an edge, look no further than here.

3. Pizza Bagel - Schmear 

Pizza? On a bagel? Yep, now we're talking. Schmear have self-described the creation as "the delicious love child of two beloved foods" and you know what? They're not wrong. Enjoy the Italian ingredients most typically associated with pizza - including a signature tomato sauce and your choice of cheese. Delicious, delicious cheese. It's rare to meet anyone who doesn't like pizza, so the same goes for these.

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4. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel - Jewel Coffee

Are they sweet? Are they spicy? Depends how your taste buds see it, but you don't know until you try. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels from Jewel Coffee are classics in their own right, and they go delicious with just a simple splash of butter or cream cheese. They're incredibly aromatic, so they're perfect for mornings - plus, they're jam-packed with balanced carbs to give you plenty of energy. Order from your bed to make sure they're the first scents of the day.

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