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Can you Handle one of Singapore’s Biggest Breakfasts?

Can you handle one of Singapore’s biggest breakfasts?

Are you the kind of person who follows the maxim "breakfast like a king" and considers it to be one of the most important meals of the day? If so, we've prepared a round-up of the most filling and satisfying Breakfasts we can find in Singapore and listed them here for your perusal.

If you've woken up in Singapore feeling ravenous, let us help you find the big breakfast that you need! But be warned; some of these breakfasts may slow you down as you spend the morning digesting them!

1. Pimp My Brekkie With Two Mains

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With a name like Pimp My Brekkie, you can guess there's a fair amount of customisation in this big breakfast dish from Brunches Cafe. This is breakfast the way you like it.

Choose one egg cooked in the style you like - hard-boiled, sunny side up, scrambled or poached. Add two mains of your choice from smoked salmon, gourmet sausage, portobello mushroom, chicken ham, streaky bacon. Alongside, you'll get the usual accompaniments of grilled tomato, mushrooms, roast potatoes and toast. Yum!

2. Pancakes with Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Ham and Chicken Sausage

Pancakes are always a great breakfast option and depending on the size of the stack you order, they can be filling too. At Sacha and Sons, they have sweet pancake choices, but for a breakfast that will set you up for the rest of the day, we recommend the Pancakes with Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Ham and Chicken Sausage. There's a poultry theme to this one, obviously!

3. Mysterious Pork Rice Bowl

For a breakfast that will really sustain you and help you avoid any snacking until at least lunchtime, try the Mysterious Pork Rice Bowl at Les Patisseries. In the bowl are healthy grains including barley, oats, buckwheat and brown rice. There's also pork, of course, with grilled mushrooms, pumpkin, baby corn, purple slaw and a drizzle of teriyaki sauce. It's a savoury and wholesome start to the day.

The same restaurant also offers western breakfast such as its Grand Breakfast - eggs and bacon and all the trimmings, French toast and waffles - all served with a unique twist. The Spam Waffle, for instance, is a bamboo charcoal waffle with spam and gruyere cheese, eggs, baked beans and sour cream.

4. Omelette Complète

Omelettes make for a great big breakfast, and they're easy to eat in a hurry too, if you've not got much time to spare. At Paul, the Omelette Complète is one of the most popular items on the menu. It's made with three eggs and the filling includes spinach, cheese and turkey ham. The omelette is pretty filling in itself, but wait until you hear what comes with it. This could be one of those can-you-complete-the-challenge meals! On the side, you'll find slices of turkey bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, harissa chicken sausages, and a potato pancake. This is a breakfast you have to make room for!

Whatever kind of breakfast you wake up feeling in the mood for, there's a restaurant or bakery in Singapore standing by ready to bring it to you. Order your belt-busting brekkie now at Deliveroo.

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