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Singapore’s Biggest Hunger-Busting Burgers

Here they are - 5 Singapore burgers that really mean business

Forget all those one-patty burgers with a single slice of cheese on top - the ones that you can eat in a minute or two while you're still on the go. We're talking about real burgers here – ones that, if they were boxers, would be the heavyweight champion of the world. Burgers with attitude, and a list of toppings as long as your arm.

To compile the top five we've toured all of the greatest grills in Singapore, left no bun unturned and subjected the burgers to the most thorough investigations. We hope you're brave enough to take at least one of them on.

1. Royale With Cheese - Fatboys

With a name like Fatboys you know just what to expect from the place – and with the Royale With Cheese you certainly won't be disappointed. At the heart of it is a hand-crafted 100% beef patty generously covered with aged cheddar cheese and positively smothered in special barbecue sauce and tangy onion marmalade. Yes, it'll be a challenge to eat it, but it's one that's well worth taking on.

2. Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger - Omakase Burger

This is the one that the chef at Omakase Burger especially recommends and once you've tried it you're sure to see why. It's a great big, juicy hunk of a burger with Monterey Jack cheese and rashers of bacon that have been lovingly smoked over Applewood chips to give a really unique depth of flavour and an aroma you just won't believe.

3. Baby Huey - Three Buns

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It might be called Baby Huey but this brilliant creation by Three Buns is a seriously grown-up burger. There are 150 grams of prime black angus beef mince nestled in a toasted brioche bun with cheese, pickles, ketchup and special spiced mayo too. We think the Baby Huey may well be the one that leaves you crying for mercy.

4. Lobster Burger - Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill

You might ask what a lobster burger's doing in the mix but, once you've tasted it for yourself, you'll agree it sits perfectly in this line-up. Lovely, succulent lobster meat is grilled to tender perfection and served up in a toasted sesame seed bun adorned with cheese and smoked bacon.  There are also the Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill's signature Old Bay Fries on the side. But, if you want to pimp up your meal even more, then go for the Truffle Fries instead.

5. Harry's Jazz  Burger - Harry's

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What a way to finish the list! Harry's Jazz Burger is like the Charlie Parker or the Chet Baker of the burger world. It's got an angus beef patty, rashers of smoky bacon, tangy onion confit, sliced pickles and gherkins as well as mushrooms and greens. It's all topped off with jalapeno cheese sauce and served with fries and coleslaw on the side. Talk about a virtuoso performance!

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